The Metaphor Essay


            Everyone in this world is different and unique in their own way. In the story “The Metaphor” by Budge Wilson, Ms. Hancock and Charlotte’s Mother are very diverse people who are huge influences in Charlotte’s life. Whether it is the way they excel in life or even dress and carry themselves. They find a way to be complete and utter opposites. Despite their differences; they are somewhat similar in the way they leave a mark on Charlotte’s life.


Out of all genders women are definitely the strongest, most powerful. Woman all excel in different ways. Ms. Hancock tries to find the good in every student. She is very optimistic and want all of her students to succeed. Ms. Hancock states; “Of course I want it! Read it to all of us!” (Pg. 68).  Charlotte did not want to read her metaphor aloud but Ms. Hancock encouraged her to, revealing that she had a talent in making deep and beautiful ones. A teacher’s job is to inspire and motivate those who are learning. As for Charlotte’s Mom; she is a very outstanding and thriving business woman. Although she is a one-way street and only cares for her own success. Charlotte explains in her metaphor; “My mother is a flawless, modern building… Inside are business offices…” (Pg. 68). She is all about her work, her thoughts are always about her business. Being so concentrated in a job will definitely help in the success aspect, but as a mother, not so much.


Both Ms. Hancock and Charlotte’s mother have very distinctive styles but both reflect their personalities remarkably well. Ms. Hancock was very over the top and bright. Her clothes were described as “flamboyant as her nature” (Pg. 65). She was a very cheerful and lively person ad she dresses in that way. Charlotte’s Mother, on the other hand, was very plain and sophisticated. Her outfits were very put together and “her hair looked as though a hair dresser arrived at 6am to ready her for the morning” (Pg. 73). She was always in this attire and ready to take on the day at her job.


These two woman are huge influences in Charlotte’s life. Now some things she has been influenced by are not always ideal, but it has made Charlotte the person she is now. Ms. Hancock taught Charlotte that being different is great and “there is no need to feel funny about it” (Pg. 69). Expressing herself and showing her incredible talent is something she needed to do. Her mother showed her that hard work pays off in the end. Charlotte’s mother worked very hard and diligently to get where she is in her job. Charlotte can be just as flourishing if she puts her mind to it.


Charlotte is very lucky to have two strong women to look up to. Having different sides of personalities gives a more colourful look on life on how to excel in life. Although in life sometimes it is hard to figure out right from wrong, Charlotte just has to look at her elders in prospective to see which one is better to be like.