Should Sam Wear a Skirt?

Sam or Samantha?

           What does it take to succeed? To meet goals? In Stuart McLean’s book “Sam the Athlete” Sam would do just about anything to find a sport he is suitable for; even if it meant dressing like a girl. This would not have seemed like such a challenge If society didn’t make us conform to gender normalities. Sam shouldn’t have to second guess himself or change who he is to please others, he should be able to be himself without backlash. Sam is his own person and he should feel free to dress however he likes. As the story once stated, “Sam’s skirt was making him so happy, or, more to the point, he was happy when he was wearing the skirt.” People need happiness in their lives. There will always be people judging but they are not in Sam’s shoes, they do not even know what Sam could be going through. Life should not be lived wondering what if? What if Sam did not wear the skirt? Does it change who he is? In the end, Sam is Sam.