Taming of the Shrew – Stop Motion // Sophie and Morgan

Taming of the Shrew- Stop Motion Video

Our presentation of the induction scene in Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare was filmed in the form of stop motion on an app called Stop-Motion video which you can get off the App store. During the process of this film the people working on this project were Morgan Yard and Sophie Irvine, Morgan did most of the filming and some editing and Sophie did the majority of character moving/adjusting and editing. The bulk of the presentation was the induction scene which took over most of the movie and there was only about 10 seconds of the inset in the end. The main the thing we we were focusing in while doing this project was induction and inset scenes Induction is the play within a play like an introduction to the main performance. Inset is the main play that the characters from the induction “watch”. During the filming process we had some difficulty with making the “slides” flow but the overall project we would say was fun and interesting. We learned while filming this project that there are many different and unique ways to film a presentation in video form like this one.

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