Animal Farm Propaganda Poster



Animal Farm

Propaganda Poster


In the book “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, there are animals that live on a farm owned by Mr. Jones. The animals decide that they want to rebel against their owner due to the awful treatment and horrendous labour put upon the animals. Once the animals rule the farm there proves to be a bit of a power struggle.


The propaganda poster represents the harsh reality of the animals not only in the book but in real life. “We are one, so we should act like one” is the quote used in the poster; this tries to convince the animals that they are all suffering from the same situation using the technique glittering generalities. This is because the quote is a slogan and if it is inspirational enough to the animals; they would repeat and speak of it a lot like repetition. It makes the animals look a lot better than the humans. Using card stacking, the poster makes others feel bad for the animals. Hopefully that would mean that other animals would bandwagon and choose to join the side that all the other animals chose to join. It would be the best thing for the animals pick being treated equally instead of being treated like labour workers, which is the goal of the propaganda poster.



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