“The Secluded Lot” – Graphic Novel


1: (Exposition)


The dreaded title was blazoned forth: REST HAVEN CEMETERY Pg. 115


2: (Rising Action)


“We’ve still a few left in the older sections—at various price ranges.” Pg. 116


3: (Rising Action)


“No loans or mortgages may be raised on a burial lot, you understand—nor can they be seized for debt.” Pg. 118


4: (Rising Action)


Mr. Jerome could see the man in the distance, parting the bushes and disappearing from view. Pg. 119


5: (Climax)


“That cursed bee stung me.” Pg. 119


6: (Falling Action)


“You sell honey?” Jerome was shocked. Pg. 120


7: (Falling Action)


“Why should you want me to stop?”

“For obvious reasons: we can’t have the mourners stung…” Pg. 120


8: (Conclusion)


“Mr. Jerome, I have reached an important decision: I should like to buy another lot.” Pg. 121cool-cartoon-9729411cool-cartoon-9729527


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