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Science app

App Review:

The app Chemisrty True or False is a great app that you can use to for memorizing the elements on the the periodic table. Basically you have a screen with the name of an element and the symbol and you have to determine if the symbol matchs the element by answering with true or false. The app works pretty well it only crashed once but other then that I give the app an 8/10.

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1) Is the app easy to use?
Yes, you basically just press play and start. It is very easy to use.

2) Is it related to what you are learning?
We were learning about chemistry so technically yes.

3) Does it teach you anything?
It helps you memorize the elements and its symbols.

4) Does it have lots of ads that disturb your use of the app?
No not really just after you finish playing the game. You can get an ad free version but it’s not worth it because you have to pay $1.19

5) Do you need wifi or anything to acess this app?

No you don’t so you can just use it anywhere you want which is convenient if you are out and need to study for a test etc.

6) Is it easy to understand?
Yes it is simple to use and you learn a lot from it.


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