Fahrenheit 451 Reflection

For this presentation I was in a group with Krista, Katia, Yulie and Brad, our section started on P. 54 “Mildred fidgeted.” and ended on P. 62 “I don’t think you realize how important you are, we are, to our happy world as it stands now.” As the discussion director, I made 7 questions for our section that varied in difficulty along with my answers to these questions, which were included in the sway presentation that everyone contributed to. During the presentation I asked my questions with a little bit of given context first, and discussed the answers with the class. I also assisted Krista in presenting the literary luminary role.

core competencies- socials 10- podcast reflection

English- core competency – Persepolis novel reflection

photography 10 – core contempetency – notes to self

core competencies – photography 10

Core contempencies-sam the athlete

Core Competencies Self-Assessment (Word)-1ofgr24

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