My digital footprint

When I searched my name into google my digital foot print seemed to be pretty clean, I didn’t find anything that showed a negative impact on my future. I found mostly sites that had to do with my previous gymnastics competitions including scoring, news articles and things on my clubs website. I also found a few previous posts from Pinterest and profile picture from Facebook and Facebook family tree posts that my mom had tagged me in.

A digital footprint could affect my future opportunities in a positive or negative way depending 0n my past. For example, if i or someone
else were to find something negative on the internet when searching my name it could decrease my chances of getting into a good collage/university then job and affect my whole career throughout my entire life and it would be hard to make up for that and gain trust w important people. Also if i were to get into any trouble in the future involving court of law i would be more likely to loose if i had negative things on my digital footprint.

To keep my digital footprint appropriate and safe i need to make sure that I don’t post or do anything bad online or that would offend someone because anything you do or say online stays there forever
and anyone can pull up evidence of your actions whenever they want and use it to their advantage. You need to be careful when texting online or through a comment section because people can take your words the wrong way in a way that you didn’t mean and screenshot it. Always read the terms and conditions before using a new site or social media and always check if the privacy settings are on. Also always think about what your about to do before you post it and if it will affect your future and how it would affect it.

If I could pass one thing off to to other students on what I’ve learned about a digital foot print, I would tell them to always think about
what their doing online before they make an action that everyone can see because whatever you post will affect your future and you don’t want it to affect your future in a bad way so to just be careful.