I chose to do my app reveiw on “periodic table quiz”

This app is free and is available on ios and android devices. It takes you to different levels of timed multiple choice quizzes which are all on different parts of the periodic table. Your score depends on the amount of time you finish each quiz in. The time counts down and the amount of time you have left after you complete the quiz determines your score. This app is very useful for learning about the periodic table. It helps you learn alot about the period tale from the element symbol, to the group the element belongs in, to the charge the element has and so much more. It’s basically an app that helps you memorize the information on the periodic table, it’s very useful if you were to study for a chemistry test or quiz. There are a number of levels and each level gets harder and harder but it improves your memorization. Even if you weren’t using this app to study for a quiz you could also use it just to learn about the periodic table in general, it’s a good app for either uses and i would recommend it if your wanting to memorize the periodic table.

define: in my opinion the problem that i occurs is that for each quiz it doesn’t tell you what the quiz is on. Ex. Element element charge. There are a few of quizzes with in this app on the element charge and in the egining of each quiz, it didn’t tell me what the quiz was based on, so when i started it, there were just a bunch of numbers for answer  a b c and d and it was hard to figure out what the quiz was based on.

dream: when we were doing our periodic table unit in science class, i found it not to hard but when i was studying for the unit test it was a little difficult to study off of the periodic table. I had thought of using an app to study and then i found this one and did pretty good on my test! This app helped me study and i repeated the quizzes until i could answer each question without having hesitation

Deliver: because i used this app to study for my test, my results were pretty good as my score on the test and i would not regret using this app to study

debrief: i believe this app did what it was supposed to do but i waited last minute to use this app and next time i would use my spare time wisely because this app is sort of time consuming because it involves memorization. It depends on how fast you learn but either way there are alot of levels so it could take some time to get through them (more…)