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week 13 in math 10

this week in math 10 I learned how to write an equation for y by looking at a set of numbers and using a T chart. for example this set of numbers:


we would draw out a T chart with the left side as X and the right side as Y. x being the input, y being the output. then under the X we would write 1,2,3,4….. and under the Y we would write our -5,-2,1,4,7,10… now we have to find a rule that will get the X number to the Y number, that will also work for all of the numbers. so 1 to -5, 2 to -2, 3 to 1, 4 to 4, 5 to 7 and so on. we can write the pattern of the numbers along with the starting point  “start at -5 increase by 3 each time.” because its increasing by 3, we multiple 3 with X and then add/subtract a number to get Y. y=3(x)+or-#

replace x with a number 3(1)= 3 and we have to get to -5 so the equation would be 3(1)-8=-5. we can check if 3(x)-8 works for all the pairs of numbers by replacing X and if it does then the rule for this pattern would be 3(x)-8


Week 12 in math 10

how to find an angle of a right triangle using trigonometry

week 11 in math 10

this week in math 10 i learned how to make a trinomial that has the “pattern” ( x^2 , x, #) look “nicer” if it was written out in a jumbled up order. ex  5x-30x^2+40 is written as x, x^2 , # rather than  x^2 , x, #. so we can write it as –30x^2 +5x+40 now, the x^2 is negative so when we find the greatest common factor, we can take -5 instead of +5 to make it positive, which would also switch the other terms to their opposites, so –30x^2 +5x+40 is now -5( 6x^2 -x-40)

week 10 in math 10

this week in math 10 I learned that if we have a binomial that says x^2-81 for example, this is considered a perfect square because x^2 = (x)(x) , 81= (9)(9). there is no middle term because when factored it would look like (x-9)(x+9), then if you were to expand this back out, the -9 and the +9 would cancel out and become 0, leaving the answer to be a binomial instead of a trinomial. (x)(x)= x^2 + (x)(9)= +9x (-9)(x) = -9x (-9)(9) = -81

x^2 + 9x – 9x -81 .    the +9x and the -9x cancel out to be zero

for this to be a “perfect square” we need to make sure that each term is a perfect square and that the sign is subtraction, not addition




English10 inspirational poem


week 9 in math 10

this week we started our unit on polynomials, this was mainly review but i learned how to model binomials multiplied by binomials or binomials multiplied by trinomials or trinomials by trinomials etc, by using an area model. i also learned that you can use this type of model to model more than one digit number multiplication. for modeling polynomials, its all done in a box. if i had ( 2x^2+3x )(x-5) you would draw a square and divide it into 4 even squares, one for each piece of the expression and along the top you would write 2x^2+3x then along the side you would write x-5 and you would fill in the box as if it were a multiplication chart so it would look like this….

then you add all of the squares together and combine like terms to get a simplified expression

week 8 in math 10

this week in math 10 I learned how to check that my answers are correct when solving a triangle, so I know that 90⁰ is greater that 45⁰ which is greater than 1⁰, also to remember that the angles in a triangle add up to 180, if my triangle looks like this after ive attempted to solve it:

i need to make sure that angle B is greater than A which is bigger than C, because angleB represents 90 degrees which has to be the largest, angle A represents 60 degrees which would be the second largest, it is between 89 and 45. and angle C would be the smallest because its 30 degrees, between 45 and 1. then the side lengths across from those angles also have to be greatest to smallest in that order. 


week 7 in math 10

this week in math 10 we started our unit on trigonometry. I learned how to use my calculator to calculate the side lengths of triangles using sine, cosine and tangent. I also learned that you can also calculate the angles ex if sinB= 12/30, where B is the angle, to find the angle you put sin^{-1}12/30 and get 23.57812….rounded to the nearest whole number = 24 degrees. I also learned how that works, so we have sinB=o.4 and we have to isolate B so we divide each side by sin sinB/sin=0.4/sin^1 which equals b=0.4/sin^1 . now we have to move sin^1 to the top of the fraction so it becomes B=sin^{-1}0.4 because the exponent of 1 now becomes negative.  then you punch sin^{-1}0.4 into a calculator to find B

would look something like this:

the metaphor essay

song analysis and Building an understanding- english10

  1. In this song he is saying that this girl is pretty much perfect and has no need to change.
  2. Bruno mars is speaking to this girl saying that shes perfect, doesn’t need to change etc etc
  3. words use of denotation. Abstract thinking ex. “when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while”  when she smiles he thinks more of it, not just as some girl smiling out of happiness, the smile means something to him.
  4. I don’t think the tone changes because the whole idea of this song is him saying how perfect this girl is and that doesn’t change throughout the lyrics
  5. each stanza ranges from 3-8 lines. the song repeats ex “her eyes her eyes make the stars seem like theyre not shining” and this pattern continues with other compliments he gives such as ” her hair her hair falls perfectly without her trying” the first stanza is AABCCB
  6. the title is good “just the way you are” considering the song is about a girl being perfect just the way she is. I think theres some symbolism in this song, when he describes “when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while” her smile is a symbol of something that is bright enough or noticeable to turn heads
  7. the lyrics definitely affect the reader of the poem because this guy is saying all of these nice things about a girl, it just makes you think of how shes feeling by this and how sweet he is to do so

just they way you are BAU

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