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what is a genome?

Firstly, a genome? A genome is the genetic material in the organisms DNA and can be seen as the “blueprint” for life, it provides the structure and function for all living things.

What is a genomic?

Now a genomic? The idea of genomics is that they play a very important role by connecting with every aspect of our lives. A genomic is known as the science that aims to understand the entire genetic information of organisms such as plants, animals, humans, viruses, microorganisms and more. The knowledge of this field is advancing in finding solutions to complex biological challenges such as for health, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, mining energy and agricultural foods.

An example…

forestry is a huge aspect in Canada however there are unfortunately many threats to trees such as various bugs and harsh climate change. Genomic research is being used to show us how to build stronger and healthier trees that will be able to adapt and live in these dreadful conditions. in the case of the “pine beetles,” these beetles affected 14m hectares of forests in BC, the use of genomics are showing how to initiate the problem, advancing into how to turn those trees into biofuel to better them.