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I chose to use this picture as a resource of Canadian identity because it has a lot of the typical Canadian symbols as well as our colours. By having these symbols, it reflects on my perspective of Canadian identity by showing the little things that makes Canada, Canada. I think this is a somewhat accurate portrayal of what it means to be Canadian because of the symbolism, though not fully accurate, because I feel that equality is a big piece of the Canadian identity and this photo doesn’t really show that attribute. It shows what physical pieces make up Canada but not so much the work that is put in by Canadian citizens to give Canada the image that people reflect off of. If a different cultural background were to see this picture, I feel they would have a different input on their point of view. when I look at this photo I see all of the symbols that make up Canada. where as if some one that wasn’t as familiar with the Canadian identity could say they see a bunch of symbols but not be able to recognize or identify the meaning of each one.

chose to use this video as a resource of Canadian identity because I liked that the makers of the video used stereo typical Canadian slang, symbols, phrases, actions etc. and combined this with exaggerated comedy to get their point across of what the Canadian identity is like. The use of comedy to emphasize the message reflects on my perspective of Canadian identity showing that every little thing we do or say as Canadians adds to our identity as a whole and shows that we have a unique way of living life. in my opinion, the idea that we do these certain actions or say certain things portrays an accuracy of what it means to be Canadian. if someone of a different cultural background were to watch this video, their perspective of the video would not be the same. The comedy and hysterical area of the video could differently impact them because they might not understand the jokes or the reasoning for the clip to be in the video.