Month: December 2016

Stop motion meiosis video

Throughout the process of making our stop motion video, our group, joel, mike and myself, worked together very thoroughly  and productively throughout the week. We had a few disagreements when making the video itself but we managed to communicate and get through it, we believe that the out come of this project is well done and demonstrates our knowledge of the process of meiosis. We discussed the process and outline of what we were going to create before hand but we still had a few mis comuniations involving who is responsible for bringing what supplies but we got through it and completed the project with a great result. This project was challenging for us in general for creating a stop motion video and working together as well. There was some arguing involved in how much each scene had to move for each picture but we compromised and finished the video on time. Overall we worked together as a group and used our work time thoroughly and wisely throughout the week.


Mutation story


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