Desmos Art Functions Card 2019

When I was first introduced to this project, I immediately knew it would be a challenging one. I remember when we were first taught to graph linear functions in grade 9, I couldn’t remember which direction was the X-axis and which direction was the Y-axis. Graphing used to be my least favourite unit in math because I simply just did not understand; but now observing what I have created using different types of functions and transformations, I reflect on how I have improved and come to enjoy it.

My first though that came to mind was “How am I going to incorporate a self portrait?” I knew I had to have a Christmas tree because every year my family and I decorate ours together, so I decided to start here. When I initially began my project, I created the candy-cane patterned boarder then I started with the tree. I was not happy with my first tree, I had trouble positioning it in the correct spot and positioning the linear functions to create a nice shape. Then after all of that frustration I accidentally deleted the whole thing.. Although this happened, it was beneficial because it gave me a fresh start. I was able to re-build a better tree that I was happy with. I then created the star on top using linear functions, the string decorations using sine functions, and the ornaments by overlapping different coloured circles. I  created the presents under the tree by using rational functions as the ribbon around the box, and polynomial and radical functions as the bow on top. For the portrait I originally tried vertically expanding a circle for the head shape, then I decided to use the bottom of a quadratic equation as well as linear lines with various slopes to create a more realistic shape. I then used various types of functions to create the facial features which are shown in the above link, as well as dimples to show that I am smiling and happy. My most challenging unit so far in pre-calculus 12 has been the Exponents and Logs unit so I really wanted to find a way to incorporate these types of functions in an interesting way. I did so by using them to create antlers on my head, it was challenging at first to figure this out but then I began to understand. I created snowflakes because I love the snow even though it is minimal here where we live. My favourite part of  my creation is the snowflakes, I  was really excited when I figured out a way to make the snowflakes move in a way they look as if they are shimmering or twinkling in the background.

Overall, I really enjoyed this assignment because it challenged me and gave me an opportunity to further understand how to create different shapes using various functions and transformations. This project is unique and is a fun way to experiment and learn about different functions. It has allowed me to become aware of how much I actually understand and what I need to improve on. I am very proud of what I created for this project and I am happy that I was able to refresh my memory on functions we learned in the early semester.

The Prophet & Union – English 11 Poetry

Foods 12 – Indigenous Food Reflection

For this assignment, my group and I researched the Musqueam People. We learned that their staple food source is salmon, so we decided to make a salmon chowder which included canned salmon, creamed corn, evaporated milk, celery, potatoes, carrots, cheddar cheese, and spices. Our chowder turned out really good, I think that everybody was able to enjoy it and I enjoyed learning and teaching my peers about the Musqueam People. During our lab, my group worked well; on day one we were able to complete most of the recipe so on day two we were able to focus on enjoying everyone’s food and relaxing. Overall I enjoyed this assignment, it was really interesting learning about a topic that hasn’t been commonly discussed in my previous classes. I have learned to appreciate all the information we have access to because there is so much to learn that I didn’t realize I could learn. Learning about something different always sparks my interest and i’m glad we had the opportunity to do this assignment.

Fahrenheit 451 Visual – English 11

The bottom half of the sketch is Mildred in her parlor room, watching fireworks, notice her radio seashells beside her on the table. The top half is Clarisse showing Montag how the yellow reflection of dandelions represent love, behind them is Montag’s house and you can see through the window that Mildred is in the parlor room as she is in the bottom half of the sketch.

Spoken Word 2019 “Lost and Found”


An excess container. Stuck with a 9 and a half by 11 sheet paper
72-point text reading LOST AND FOUND
Hidden in the corner of the hallway no one goes
Buried underneath all the others
No one knows, where I am
We don’t see
We don’t search
We make no attempt to find things we’ve lost
We don’t even realize what’s missing

Now let’s take a step back, how did I get here?
Was it because I was not loved?
Was it because I was loved too much?
Maybe I wasn’t the right fit
Maybe I was too soft or too blue
Maybe I was just a bit, too clingy

I was too attached
I forgot what it was like to not have
But then I realized, I was just one half
Where were you
When I was laying still on the floor, waiting to be found
Waiting to be picked up
Where were you
When I was left alone for all those nights
Do you think you might, of forgotten me?
You weren’t there

You weren’t there, but you told yourself that you tried to find me
You told yourself that I was just hiding
You do a quick check, now look in your bag
You tear the room apart, searching
Your mind is racing, your heart is pounding
And you wonder, where is that, that I love so much

Time was moving so fast,
I could no longer focus on what was in front of me
The words we shared, now scrambled all over my page
The ones I was looking for, the ones I craved
“I love you..” is what the sock said, the one you lost
But you left something behind
Something that mattered
Something that couldn’t be replaced
Some things just can’t be replaced

But if certain things can’t be replaced,
then how is it that you managed to lose me
How is it that I’ve found myself in the dark,
surrounded by 4 plastic walls

I think about you, sitting in that faint and forgotten corner
Everyday people racing past you
Talking as if you aren’t there
Acting as if the most important thing in the world
is the new, of what you used to be
Not leaving you enough time to say, I’m lost

But am I lost?
I’m here, beside the hat with the red rose,
the one that no one chose
Beside they grey sweatshirt that kept one warm,
after they got home from a storm
I’m not lost, I’m just not found, yet

There’s no telling how long it could take
For you to come around
Realize what has been lost
Realize what has been found
I can’t explain and I can’t complain
Why I was lost

It’s not you, its me
But now that I’m here
What am I supposed to do?
I can’t put the blame on you
All that I can do, is improve

Of course i’ll continue day by day
Sitting here waiting to be found
Even though I’m not so sure that your still around
But there’s no need for you
It’s just too late
But that is okay
Because at some point sitting enclosed in this box, waiting for you
I can conclude, that because of you, there’s no need to be found

Cooking Showcase – Foods 12

Fahrenheit 451 Reflection

For this presentation I was in a group with Krista, Katia, Yulie and Brad, our section started on P. 54 “Mildred fidgeted.” and ended on P. 62 “I don’t think you realize how important you are, we are, to our happy world as it stands now.” As the discussion director, I made 7 questions for our section that varied in difficulty along with my answers to these questions, which were included in the sway presentation that everyone contributed to. During the presentation I asked my questions with a little bit of given context first, and discussed the answers with the class. I also assisted Krista in presenting the literary luminary role.

A Place at the Table – Movie Response

As we were watching this movie, on a personal level, I thought it was sad how little some people in our world have. It’s hard to think about how my life could be if I wasn’t so fortunate, my family having steady income brings nutritious food to our table everyday. I hadn’t realized that the chocolate chip muffins or the 2 bags of halo oranges my mom runs out to buy on Sunday nights, before school starts, were such a fortunate thing for me to have. Before watching this movie, I had somewhat of an idea of what food insecurity was, I knew that it had to do with not always having enough food or the right foods, but I also thought that it had to do with personal heath; people worrying if they should have a slice of pie for dessert or an apple, examples such as this. I learned that food insecurity is more directed to when a person does not have reliable access to enough food, specifically nutritious food, whether that is because they are financially unstable or they do not have access to proper grocery stores. I was  very surprised when I learned that most of the schools spend less than a dollar on lunches for each student, this small amount of money isn’t enough to provide their students with nutritious foods. There was a teacher that brings in fruits and veggies to class to teach her students about nutrition, she gave each student samples of a melon and told them that this is what they should ask their parents to buy for them. It’s important that we are knowledgeable about the food we eat so I think that is was really great that she did that for her students. 

If I was in a position where I could influence this issue at hand, I would try make sure that we are seeing nutrition as a priority, especially for children who are still growing. Spending less than a dollar per meal is not enough money to buy nutritious foods and this issue needs to be better seen. The students are not eating healthy at the place where they spend most of their time and where they feed off of education, so how could they possibly improve these habits at home? Educating the students is also very important, especially if you start from the young age, they will be more likely to take into consideration of what they eat when they are older, and can continue teaching their children about nutrition and so on. We can help aid those who are hungry by doing something as simple as having everyone contribute a little bit of money to food stamps or other organizations, whether this is voluntarily or through maybe a type of tax? As a country, we should be able to support the hungry and it should be recognized that it is not necessarily their fault that they have gotten into this situation where they cannot afford food.


View essay here

In this article, the authors tells us how he has been able to come to a guiding principal of believing in discomfort while preparing for a week long biking trip in the Rocky Mountains. The author portrays how to live life to its fullest, you can’t always be comfortable. As he was getting ready for the biking trip, he tells us how he was trying to pack clothing that would suit all the weather conditions that he was about to experience. His wife tells him that he will simply not always be comfortable every minute he is there. Changing his focus point from comfort, he has an amazing trip after all of the hard work to get to the top of the mountain. I was interested in this article because of the title. When I read that it was titled Discomfort, I had a feeling that the moral of this essay was having to do with how sometimes you have to experience discomfort in life in order to fulfill your experiences. I liked how the author starts off by revealing what he means by discomfort; by saying that the reason he wears ties it not just because he cares about his appearance, but because after experiencing the discomfort, he is able to experience comfort. When he says this, he makes it clear to the reader that his moral is not about whether our chair is in the right position or our pillows are made of memory foam. This article connects to the human condition in the way that we make choices based on what we are comfortable with doing everyday. Sometimes we chose to do what we are comfortable with, even if the option that will cause discomfort will better us in the long run.

Foods and Nutrition 12 – February Lab Reflection

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