Tech Team Edublog Review

a) What Widgets and Plugins did you choose?

  • Embed Any Document: Quick and easy tool to help you embed any document into posts and pages.
  • Easy Tables: A quick and easy tool designed to help you add tables to your posts and pages
  • Image Widget: Makes it easy to add images and badges to your sidebar
  • Supreme Google Webfonts: Adds Google webfonts into a nice dropdown list in your visual editor which you can use to change your font type and/or font size

b) What are their strengths?

  • Embed Any Document: allows you to display your document without having to download it. Much faster solution than embedding a google document. Perfect for handing in assignments.
  • Easy Tables: allows you to make charts and graphs without switching to Microsoft word
  • Image Widget: allows you to display a photo on the sidebar. I uploaded the rapidevent poster!
  • Supreme Google Webfonts: so many more font options than what edublog provides! Lets you add creativity to assignments and posts.


d) What are their weaknesses?

  • Embed Any Document: difficult to resize the window dimensions
  • Easy Tables: sometime issues resizing the chart and adjusting rows.
  • Image Widget: may not show up properly on some themes.
  • Supreme Google Webfonts: edublog doesn’t have a “format painter” option like Microsoft word, so it is a bit tedious having to highlight text and select the new font for every series of words.

e) Can these programs be used in a classroom setting to enhance student learning? Would you use it and/or recommend it?

I would recommend all four widgets/plugins that I used above, but especially “Embed Any Document.” It is my most used widget, and has really benefited my experience using edublog. It makes it so much easier to hand in documents, and teachers have noted how much they appreciate being able to simply view the assignment, and not having to download documents. Additionally, it is a good resolution if a student is using an older version of Microsoft. Their document will show up in it’s original format when using this widget. I am able to use this widget to upload word documents, pdf files, etc. from my computer, from URL, or even directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, and the app “box.” You wont regret it!

Tech Team Passion Project

a) Briefly describe your new and improved idea, by incorporating ideas and/or feedback.

My new and improved idea for the social media team is to establish a group called “The Social Leaders of RSS.” The challenge we face as co-admin of Riverside’s social media is finding relevant, new, and authentic content, incorporating rapid members from all across the school. By concentrating a group of leaders, we could efficiently and effectively gather photos, videos, and more posts from the source of the event. The group would consist of club leaders, team captains, and interested teachers, who would help provide content for @rapidevent. We can make a closed Facebook group for this idea, and approach clubs/teams/etc. for their support.

b) Answer the following questions:

– What problems might I run into?

There are many challenges we will inevitably face. Many leaders/captains/representatives may not be interested in sharing photos for the whole school. Many people can forget and procrastinate sending us their content. Their content might be inappropriate for the school account. We may not reach all corners of the school.

– What skills do I need to complete this project? How can I attain these skills?

We will need organizational skills, and be thoughtful about what we are posting. In other words, we need to be cautious of not over-posting on one area of the school (e.g. sports), while neglecting another part (e.g. flying club). We need to be alert and stay in steady contact with all the leaders willing to help us.

c) Create a brief timeline of key things that need to happen to ensure successful completion of your project. What happens next?

Check in with Mr. Gee – October 10, 2017
Creation of Facebook page – immediate
Complete adding a majority of the members (approaching all the clubs/teams available) – end of October
New posts – every week day
Check for possible new members (new clubs/teams/etc.) – February (semester 2)
800 followers – end of December (2017)
1000 followers – June (2018)
Pizza party to celebrate – end of June (2018)

Ms. Brill Reflection


¶ From our discussion today deconstructing the short story, “Ms. Brill,” I got a new insight about human behaviour. Until this class, I didn’t realize the irony in how Ms. Brill was judging the lady in the ermine hat, even though that lady was poor, old, and lonely just like Ms. Brill! At first, we see Ms. Brill as the victim of marginalization, who deals with external social conflict. However, the author creates this dramatic irony to show the reader that victims often victimize others as well. In the ways that we measure value in our culture, Ms. Brill and the ermine-toque-lady are both rejected. Yet, Ms. Brill (and I) weren’t even aware of it! It puzzles me how society will judge those with certain characteristics, and it frustrates me that wonderful people like Ms. Brill can be labelled as a social outcast due to traits that are out of one’s control, like status and age. I am really grateful for this short story, because now I am much more aware about how I and others comment on those around us. In high school, I am constantly surrounded by people who are gossiping and judging others. However, now I know to watch what comes out of my mouth, because those who insult the most are often the most insecure themselves. I may not be able to change the way all of society treats certain types of people, but I can control my thoughts, actions, and words.

Passion Project Reflection June

End of the Year Reflection:
The amount of knowledge I have gained and lessons I have learned this school year on the tech team is far beyond what I expected. It feels just like yesterday that the team was at the grade nine digital bootcamp, which taught me patience and helped prepare me for the weeks I spent in the wave troubleshooting and fixing students’ devices before school. The highlight this year for me being on the tech team was CUEBC, where Ryan and I did a quick introduction in front of hundreds of teachers at the conference. It was an incredible experience to be up there and am unforgettable moment. This year I was lucky enough to be a social media co-admin with Kelly for our passion project. It has been an absolute blast to be able to contribute to Riverside’s community in this way and an honour to be trusted with this responsibility. Our account has flourished. We started with barely over 200 followers, and now we are on our way to 700! This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of students and teachers. It has been a challenge uploading consistently and having a variety of posts. Although Kelly and I are involved all over the school, it is inevitable for us to miss out on a lot of events or not hear about an announcement. Kelly and I think that in order to improve the @rapidevent page, we need the help of more tech team members to run the account. Additionally, it would be beneficial if we collaborated with the yearbook students, who are engaged with every corner of the school. Overall, I have had an outstanding experience during my first year on the tech team, have had many achievements, and made unforgettable memories. Thank you, Mr. Gee!



Option 2: If you have already reviewed a program, think about the coding experience. Explain a realistic and applicable method that Riverside can use to implement coding into  the curriculum. Provide real examples of how, when and where, coding can be placed into our programs. What can Riverside do to help create a meaninful and realisitic  learning environement.

I have found the overall experience of coding to be very beneficial, and I am surprised that schools nowadays lack the promotion of coding. I could see Riverside implementing coding into the English curriculum. This would make sense since students must take English for all four years of Riverside, ensuring they have ample exposure. Coding is a language in itself, and should be recognized in Riverside’s curriculum. Teachers could make their students use programs just like Codeacademy for one class per month, or as many times as they want. Students could receive participation and completion marks. It is crucial that teachers also emphasis to the students the importance of coding in the first place. Being introduced to the fundamentals of coding gives students the ability to have a better understanding of the devices they use everyday in school. Exposure to coding means students are more likely to explore their devices’ capabilities, and puts them in a better position in the future when they are inevitable going to be required to use technology in their careers and everyday life. Coding is a critical skill and especially valuable to Riverside’s students who are all in digital immersion.