“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Narrative

… “Excuse me, sir!” A little old lady said trying to pass him to get in through the doors of the drugstore as Mitty’s body was sprawled out against the exterior wall.


Coming back to realization, Mitty stands up tall, flicks off his cigarette, straightens out his clothes and continues to wait for his wife. Walking towards him, bag in hand, she gives him a distraught smile. Walter reaches out to hold her hand, and she immediately pulls away.


“Walter! Your hands are freezing. Put your gloves on first.”


Mitty reaches into the pocket of his jacket, to dig out his gloves, as they make their way to the car. While walking, he sees the faces of others darken, as the clouds in the sky become grey. No conversation was had between Mr. and Mrs. Mitty as they trek to their vehicle. All Walter wanted at that moment was to feel connected to someone or something in his life. Almost at their destination, a burst of wind hits his flushed face and the man walking in front of Mitty, hat fly’s right off his head …

Mitty with a quick reaction reaches up to grab it as it was traveling with the wind. Turning around to give it back to the man, Mitty looks up over the man’s head to see an unusual sight, something unfamiliar but known to what it was. Walter rubs his eyes in disbelief as pandemonium fills the streets, a tornado was heading right down the main street! His mind goes blank, Mitty has no idea at that moment what to do.


“Come on now Walter” a crew member grabs Walters’ shoulders and gives him a shake.


Walter snaps out of it, looks down at his attire to remember his duty and at that moment he knew that this was his time to make a difference. He first runs over to an old man, with a very haggard face in front of a parking lot.


“Come with me sir, I’m apart of search and rescue, we need to find you a safe place, “Mitty says with a comforting yet stern voice.


“I can’t leave, I don’t know where my granddaughter went.” The old man said with panic.


Mitty looks around, trying to find a young girl through the tight crowd of panicked people.

He was thinking where she could be in a time like this.  He starts walking by the cars, squatting down to look under for her, then stands up and bumps into someone…


“Walter, what on Earth are you doing?” Mrs. Mitty says with great frustration.


He looks to see he was holding the handle of his car door, in the parking lot. Mitty gets in, sits down, buckles his seatbelt, closed his eyes and takes a deep breath.