“Taming of the Shrew” Stop Motion Induction Scene Project


Our project is based upon the play, “Taming Of The Shrew” written by William Shakespeare. Our group includes Molly, Sama, Savannah, and Mario. Molly and Sama filmed and directed it, sama wrote the narration, Molly wrote this paragraph, Savannah read the narration multiple times after the app kept on crashing, until she got it perfect. And Mario was on prop duty. in the play the induction, meaning the main story was, the characters pulling the prank on Christopher Sly. The inset of the story was when the players were performing a play for Sly and the page. It was the inset of the story because, it was a play inside of a play. In our project we showed induction and the beginning of the inset. We used the stop motion to show a way of creating a scene by using multiple photos. It created a way to show movement, and creativity. Some challenges that occurred during throughout this project was, the stop motion app kept on crashing, and it did not save our narration, and we had to redo all of it. Throughout this project we have learned many words from Shakespearian times, and discovered what entertainment was like back then.

Science Skype Interview



In our science class today we had a Skype conversation with a girl names Tanya Harrison, who is a scientist and geologist who works with outer space, mainly The planet Mars. Our class was able to ask her some questions throughout the call.

The questions that my group came up with was,

“Would you ever consider space travel, and why?”

“Why do you enjoy what you do?”

“What was one of your favourite projects you have worked?”
The question i asked her was,

“Why do you enjoy what you do?”

Tanya’s answer,

“My favourite part is, that my job used to be to take pictures of Mars everyday, i would pick what the cameras would take pictures of on the orbitor of the surface, and those images would come back in the coarse of the next week, and i was often the first person on the entire planet to see that piece of Mars of that camera resolution, which is kind of an exciting thing to know that know one else has ever seen that before.”

What i learned.
-Mars is the only planet that is possible to find life, due to the finding of water.
-Rovers can cost 7 thousand to 1.2 billion dollars.
-It is difficult to bring a rover back from Mars because, how heavy it would be.

Other questions and answers.

Q.”Who was the first to send a rover to Mars?”
A.”Nasa was the first to successfully send a rover to Mars.”

Q.”Would you ever consider space travel, and why?”
A.”Due to me being claustrophobic, i could not consider space travel, but i would love to orbit earth.”

Q.”How long does it take to make a rover?”
A.”it takes about 8-10 years for Nasa to complete one.”
i found it very helpful and interesting, speaking and asking her question about space because, this is a topic she learns about everyday and does for a living.