CHALLENGE: Make a boat that can float in water and hold the most number of pennies.

PROBLEM: There is a limited amount of materials to make the boat and it needs to sustain a lot of pennies.

HYPOTHESIS: If weight is evenly distributed throughout the structure,  then the boat can sustain many more pennies, because the structure will be balanced and stable.

IDEA FOR ORIGINAL DESIGN:  Our main focus throughout the whole process was even weight distribution. Successful distribution and balance would keep the boat stable and therefore allow it to hold more pennies.


WHAT WOULD YOU KEEP OR CHANGE ON YOUR BOAT DESIGN IF YOU WERE TO DO THIS AGAIN?   We would definitely stick to the idea of weight distribution as that was the core principle of our boat design and it worked out very well.  If we did this a second time, we would find a more practical use for the marshmallow.


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