Naming Government Post

(Public Park) Municipal, it is in control by the local government

(License Plate) Provincial, the province of BC is payed by the customer

(Bank) Provincial and federal, because the money is not different in different places but there is some specific banks in BC which makes it in a way provincial as well

(Town Hall) Municipal, because it is where the mayor of our local government has his office

(Buss/Transport) The transportation is controlled by the federal minister of transportation

Rube Goldberg Project


The car is moved forward and hits the ball, which then bounces the ball of the cabinet and into a screw where the ball goes down and hits dominos. they then hit another ball that goes down an incline plane and into more dominos that then hit the bell creating a sound.

Chili Contest Reflection

Chili Reflection

On Monday we planned with the group what type of chili we all wanted to make and we looked up and finally we found a chili we could all agree to create. We decided on a simple chili that would be easy and tasted very good. We had to change all the measurements from tbsp and tsp to ml so that took a bit of time to do correctly. We then picked out the ingredients we needed for our food and wrote our names and claimed it.

the next day was when we actually started to make the chili itself we started off with the onions and garlic and then added the meat until it was cooked. When that was finished we started to add the rest of the ingredients, chili pepper cumin and other spices to add flavor to our chili. My role was to generally take care of the chili while my group mates got the ingredients ready. I was fun to mix the ingredients and watch the meat cook. I feel we worked effectively to get the ingredients ready and into the pot.  When everything was done with the chili we put it into a container in the fridge until the judgment day.

The next day was the final day of the competition, i took the chili out of the fridge and into the pot. We then made any last minute changes to the recipe. and started on the cheese braid. I didn’t do much with the creation of the cheese braid because i was taking care of the chili , but my group finished and we put it into the the oven. when it was our turn for the judges to test our chili we plated it and had them try it. Even though our group didn’t win it was a fun way to learn how to make chili.



Biotechnology Project

Research Template

Source #1      
Title of source:  What is Gene Therapy?

Author: Genetic Science Learning Center Date of publication:  (2012, December 1) Date accessed (by you): What Is Gene Therapy?,
-Copy and paste relevant information directly from source:

Gene therapy could be a way to fix a genetic problem at its source. By adding a corrected copy of a defective gene, gene therapy promises to help diseased tissues and organs work properly. This approach is different from traditional drug-based approaches, which may treat symptoms but not the underlying genetic problems.


Most commonly, gene therapy uses a vector, typically a virus, to deliver a gene to the cells where it’s needed. Once it’s inside, the cell’s gene-reading machinery uses the information in the gene to build RNA and protein molecules. The proteins (or RNA) can then carry out their job in the cells.


 While many disorders or medical conditions can potentially be treated using gene therapy, others are not suitable for this approach. So what makes a condition a good candidate for gene therapy?


  Make “raw” notes (this is not a summary):








Gene therapy is a way for doctors to attack genetic diseases at there source. By adding a corrected gene to the subject, scientists promise that that they will help damaged organs and tissue work properly. This a very differennt aproach compared to traditional drugs and is said to work more effectively, although they will not affect the underlying genetic problems. The art of gene therapy is still under developement and is currently still much safer to use traditional medicines and drugs, although that may change in the future., while the scientist are still looking into the subject.


Once inside the patient the cells gene reading mechanism uses the information in the gene to build RNA and protein molecules. The proteins then carry out the jobs in the cell. While this treatment could be used on many disorders and conditions, there are many ways people could not be suitable for this.


Source #2      
Title of source: What does gene therapy help with

Author: Date of publication: Date accessed (by you): What Is Gene Therapy?,
Copy and paste relevant information directly from source:

For you to even consider gene therapy, the answer must be “yes.” For instance, genetic disorders caused by mutations in single genes tend to be good candidates for gene therapy, while diseases involving many genes and environmental factors tend to be poor candidates.


If you plan to treat a genetic flaw, you need to know which gene(s) to pursue. You must also have a DNA copy of the gene available in your laboratory.


To design the best possible approach, you need to learn all you can about how the gene factors into the disorder. For example, which tissues the disorder affects, what role the protein encoded by the gene plays within the cells of that tissue, and exactly how mutations in the gene affect the protein’s function.

  Make “raw” notes (this is not a summary):


To be considered for gene therapy you must be a good match for the proper therapy. For instance, genetic disorders caused by mutations in single genes, tend to be good patients for gene therapy, while disease that involve many genes and environmental factors are much poorer candidates for this type of treatment.


If you are planning on doing gene therapy it’s important to know what genes are needed to be treated, you also need a copy of the gene available in the lab. For the best chance of being treated you should learn all about the disorder you have and what genes are involved in it, like what tissues the disorder affects, and what role the protein plays within the cells of the tissue


Source #3      
Title of source: U.S. National Library of Medicine| what is used when conducting gene therapy 

Author: Date of publication: Date accessed (by you): 5th of December 2019
Copy and paste relevant information directly from source:


A gene that is inserted directly into a cell usually does not function. Instead, a carrier called a vector is genetically engineered to deliver the gene. Certain viruses are often used as vectors because they can deliver the new gene by infecting the cell. The viruses are modified so they can’t cause disease when used in people. Some types of virus, such as retroviruses, integrate their genetic material (including the new gene) into a chromosome in the human cell. Other viruses, such as adenoviruses, introduce their DNA into the nucleus of the cell, but the DNA is not integrated into a chromosome.

  Make “raw” notes (this is not a summary):

Just inserting a gene into a cell is not a dependable way to conduct gene therapy, so instead they use something called a vector to carry the genetic information. The vector is uasually some sort of virus that will then be changed with the new gene correction and putt into the chromosome of the patient.


Desmos Portrait

This project was not super difficult, the only thing that was challenging was trying to create the equations, and how to change them to make different shapes. I made my eyes blue because i naturally have blue eyes and my hair used to be pretty flat to my head when i was younger. My mouth is open and i tried to make it look like i have teeth in my mouth. i got help from classmates by getting examples from them or seeing what equation they used compared to mine. I struggled to make the eyebrows the same on both sides, by changing my equations around to make it easier to manipulate the shapes and sizes. this project made me realize how much a small change in the equation could have on the graph.