Google Hangout with Tanya Harrison Response

Our science class had an awesome opportunity to do a Google Hangout with Tanya Harrison. She is a Ph.D. student in Geology at the University of Western Ontario, specializing in planetary science with the Centre for Planetary Science and Space Exploration (CPSX). She is also a professional photographer. From 2008 until 2012, Tanya was on the science operations team for NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) Context Camera (CTX) and Mars Color Imager (MARCI) at Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS).

Our class got a time to ask questions to Tanya.

The questions that were asked :

  1. Weren’t you ever bored looking at all the pictures of Mars?
  2. What was the coolest thing that happened when you were working on the Mars Rover?
  3. Are there interesting facts about Mars recently?

She answered to the questions :

  1. I was never bored looking at the photos. They were always interesting to me because Mars is large and the photos were always different.
  2. When I got to work with cameras that will go to Mars.
  3. I heard that water is found in Mars.


This is a video of us doing the Google Hangout. Unfortunately, there was a problem going on to the computer so, only the first little part of the ‘CBL chat’ was filmed.

IMG_0975 : This is her website and there are lots of information about her!!

It was a great experience to talk with an expert like Tanya. Our class learned lots of information from her and it was an awesome way to learn by doing a Google Hangout.


4 thoughts on “Google Hangout with Tanya Harrison Response

  1. Great blog post! I like how you embedded a video and also had a picture of the experience, it makes your post very engaging. It was also a great idea for you to put the link to Tanya Harrison’s website so I can find out more information about her and what she does. You have a lot of excellent information here. One thing that I am still wondering is: what was the most interesting thing you learned from doing this Google Hangout?

    • Thank you Emily! To add more information to my post, the most interesting thing I learned from this Google Hangout is when Tanya told us about water found in Mars.
      Thank you again for your feedback!!

  2. Well done. You included excellent background information on Tanya and great questions with the answers that you received. I not only liked how you presented a thorough engaging post on what you learned, but I also like how you responded to the comments that you got. Great work!

  3. Great job! So glad to have the chance to chat about Mars with your class.

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