Work Place Safety

Things I will do to keep my self-safe at work

  1. Ensure that I am mentally able or ready to work
  2. Assess all the possible dangers of my workplace and learn how to deal with them
  3. Inspect all the equipment that I am using and make sure it is in working order

Things I will do to keep others safe at work

  1. At the first sight of a hazard, I should inform somebody to get it dealt with immediately
  2. Make sure that I am not in danger myself as putting myself in danger also risks those around me


The presentation that resonated with me the most was Mark’s. It was astonishing learning about all the things that happened to all the people we were told about, but to actually see the person tell his own story, tell us the events from his own eyes is really why it stuck to me.

I could learn that no matter how long I have worked at a job, how much experience I think I think I have, I should take the proper precautions and understand the risks of my job.


Life is about Experiences – Mikee S. & Sway

In the air

The early day had a cold bite in the air. The fog just started rising and in the distance, I could see it. The Piper Cherokee. A small plane, fast in the air and beautiful sounding hum as it passes by. In the lobby, I could hear the people chatting about their morning affairs, what they fly, and the best place to buy breakfast. However as my vision focused on the plane all I could hear were muffled voices, my eyes tunnelled to the image. The thought of flying again gave a thrill like no other. I took a deep breath and re-entered my world. Sitting down and waiting my turn for the flight. I picked up a magazine showing the latest sales and bits and baubles of aerospace. I tried to stay calm but all I felt was the chill of the day and a buzz in my chest. I knew the pilot I was going to be paired with has years of experience however the last couple days have had rough weather, who knew what was going to happen up there.


My thoughts evolved into a daze, I daydreamed again silencing everyone around me. Then I hear a blurb of sound getting louder. “Sabaten” I snapped upwards, “Your turn, head over there with me”. I follow the officer through the door out the lobby, feeling the even colder autumn air fill my lungs as I breathed in, the fragrance of grass and a hint of exhaust fumes with it. The salt on the path crunched under my boots as I stepped onto the apron of the runway. I looked around the Cherokee and waited for the pilot to say I could enter. I pat the soles of my boots on the ground to make sure they were free of any salt or dirt and after given the permission, I stepped onto the wing, entering the side of the plane. The controls were idle and everything I heard sounded so far away. I was given instructions on how to properly fasten myself to the seat and a quick overview of our flight plan. Then he started the plane. The once cold dead mass of metal and plastic suddenly turned alive. The hum of the engine sounding like a thundering river through my headset. Radio chatter filling the once silent and empty space. Everything had a gentle rumble, enough to tell me I am in a flying metal beast, but not enough to scare me. The officer exchanged conversation with the control tower. He turned to me. “Flight Corporal are you ready?” I nodded and replied making sure the headset could pick up my voice.


We turned onto the runway once given permission to take off. I have been through this a couple times before. But the rush never went away, the buzz in my chest grew stronger as we picked up speed.  The shaking of the plane became more violent as the sights of the airport went by quicker. And then. Take off. The shaking subsided and was back to the calm rumble it was. The overwhelming noise from the radio and the feeling in my stomach all died away as the ground went further. As our altitude grew the clean images of each building blurred and all the colours blended together. In the distance, I could see the calm rivers gleaming. The beautiful circle patterns of moss painted onto the waters like giant green ripples. As I gazed around the pilot checked our flight plan. The moment he decided our altitude was right he let me take control. Of course being a beginner he would not make me do anything too difficult, just some turns, angle correcting, basic manoeuvres. Feeling the sway of each movement, cutting through the atmosphere and seeing the horizon become dynamic in each change of pitch, it was complete freedom. Unrestricted by roads, rails or sidewalks. Each gentle push on the yoke and pedals gave a new command to the flying machine. I was instructed to turn and point the plane at two directions, to the Simon Fraser University then the Pitt Meadows airport. I handed back the controls and realised, even though I felt relaxed every muscle in my body tensed. I eased back into the seat content that I was back in the air.


We began our landing procedures after what felt like five minutes in total in the air, but in reality, it has been around fifty. The pilot slowly decreased our altitude and we landed. I exited the airport with memories that I will forever hold dear.


“Pop” experiment (Science 10 Honors)

In this lab, we conducted 4 experiments,

The first was containing Hydrogen gas that was one of the products when dropping water onto Calcium metal. Then igniting it with a burning splint.

The second is igniting a strip of Magnesium ribbon

Credits to deeksha tab

The third and fourth was seeing how decomposing Hydrogen peroxide reacts with a glowing ember and what Sodium carbonate reacting with Hydrochloric acid does to an open flame.


Cool Genes (science10H project)


A rare disorder that affects one in five-thousand to ten-thousand people. Even rarer is when it affects women. This is due to the lack of the double X sex chromosome men have. When a double X chromosome is present, however, the symptoms may be masked. The main problem of the disease is that it prevents the organisms ability to clot blood cells which in turn stop bleeds.

The problems that come from the organism not being able to clot blood is the wounds on the organism stay open for a much longer period of time slowing down the process of healing as well as being much less resistant to infections. There are many variations in complications of Haemophilia that happen internally as well, internal bleeding, brain damage, problems with treatments that require transfusions. The disorder could be diagnosed after birth when they see the child has the symptoms such as joint bleeds and bruising. The disorder has no cure but can be treated to make the life of the organism much easier. While these treatments exist the people who have the disorder are not able to take certain medications for other ailments like blood thinners for heart attacks or strokes as it prolongs their bleed time even further.


Science 10 Honors Bubble gum Lab

To conclude the bubble gum lab experiment Brand A (Hubba Bubba) is better than Brand B (Big League Chew) in being used to blow bubbles. This was determined when the measurements of the diameter of each bubble in Brand A was at least 4.5 cm bigger than that of Brand B.

A factor that may have contributed to Brand A having better bubbles is that it is much tougher and in a denser block form giving it a thicker layer to contain air rather than the softer yet more malleable Brand B. Like comparing a balloon to a soap bubble.

(gum stretched to its potential from the experiment)

Does the stretch- ability have any correlation to bubble size? Yes, it does we found out with another group that the longer the gum is able to stretch the larger the size of the bubble. This is due to the gum being able to be thinned out without tearing yielding to a larger bubble with fewer holes or fewer chances of holes appearing and popping the bubble.



Year and reflection

The three things that i learnt this year is how to dig through sources to infer my research, undertand questions asked and answer them fully and finally how to think outside of what I have been given.

My fondest memory is wheni worked with my group on the resesrch and book talks of The Absoulutely true diary of a Part Time Indian novel.

A tip I would give is to try and go ahead of the class and dont go for the bare minimum of what is being asked in an assignment