Work Place Safety

Things I will do to keep my self-safe at work

  1. Ensure that I am mentally able or ready to work
  2. Assess all the possible dangers of my workplace and learn how to deal with them
  3. Inspect all the equipment that I am using and make sure it is in working order

Things I will do to keep others safe at work

  1. At the first sight of a hazard, I should inform somebody to get it dealt with immediately
  2. Make sure that I am not in danger myself as putting myself in danger also risks those around me


The presentation that resonated with me the most was Mark’s. It was astonishing learning about all the things that happened to all the people we were told about, but to actually see the person tell his own story, tell us the events from his own eyes is really why it stuck to me.

I could learn that no matter how long I have worked at a job, how much experience I think I think I have, I should take the proper precautions and understand the risks of my job.


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