Blog Post 3: “Barney”


Exposition: “ We are alone now on the island now, Barney and I” (211)

Rising Action (conflict): “ The petty vandalisms I could have forgiven, but when he tried to poison Barney out of simple malice, he was standing in the way of scientific progress” (211)

Rising Action 1: “ After only two weeks of glutamic acid treatments, he has become interested in my library, dragging the books from the shelves, and going over them page by page” (212)

Rising Action 2: “ For the past two days I have had to keep Barney confined and how he hates it”  (212)

Rising Action 3: “ After I took a quick survey of the room he returned to his cage, sprang up on the door handle, removed the key with his teeth, and before I could stop him, he was out the window” (212)

Climax: “ By the time I reached the yard I spied him on the copping of the well, and I arrived on the spot only in time to hear the key splash in the water below” (212)

Falling Action: “ A few feet from the top I heard excited squeaks from Barney, and obtaining ground level I observed that the rope was almost completely severed” (213)

Resolution: “ Poor Barney is dead an I shell be the same” (213)

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