Science app review

science app review

You need help studying or last minute cram of notes before a chemistry test? I’ve got just the science app for you!!!!

This app has timed multiple choice quizzes that will help you improve what you know about the periodic table… different level and every level= new section

As an example….

level 1: shows you an element and you have to click the right symbol, and so on and so… level just get more intense and hard



DEFINE/DESCOVER: The problem is I want to expand my skills on the elements and periodic table, and be able to do it in a game like way.   How do I know if this app will help me?  That’s what I need to find out

DREAM:  if I could get an easy accessible app for me to be able to study so I don’t have to go to the internet and find infrormation that may or may not be correct, why not get this free app that will help my future skills ?

DESIGN: This app provides 29 free quizzes all about the periodic table, and you don’t need to play the quizzes in order. You don’t need to go in order for the quizzes, so you don’t need to go over something you don’t need to know.  If you go to settings and select learn your can choose a catorgory to practice without being timed


DEFINE: overall,  I think this app is very beneficial and helpful to every grade it’s free and simple to use the app has great features that could help me with my learning in my future…. I would change that more of the quizzes could be more game like so I’m learning and having fun 🙂


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