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Static Electricity- Things that helped my understanding

What do you think are the 3 most important things we have learned about static electricity?

  1. Learning about the laws of static electricity and about the subatomic particles was important because it is one of the most important pieces of base information and helps to understand many other things also. Without knowing the laws, it is hard to do anything else with a good understanding. In order to understand many other parts of electricity you have to know the way that different charges will react with each other.
  2. It was also important for me to learn about conduction, induction and friction because knowing how static electricity is formed helps to understand other aspects of static electricity. Knowing different ways that static is formed is interesting and relates to other things in the static electricity unit also. Without knowing how the charge transfers, other parts of lessons would be difficult for me.
  3. Learning what a conductor and insulator do was the last thing that I think was important for my understanding of static electricity. Knowing that there are items that help charge to flow freely through items and items that do the opposite have helped my understanding.


What lab did you find the most helpful in understanding static? Explain how it was helpful.

The lab that I found the most helpful to understand static was the meter stick races. We had to charge up an item and move the meter stick to complete the race. This helped because it sparked curiosity as to how this was working and enforced me to learn and do my best to understand how the charges from the balloon we had made the meter stick move.