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Rube Goldberg Project – Muncherz 4 your Pupperz

Above is a diagram of the machine that we created. It is called the Muncherz 4 your Pupperz and the goal is to get the treats and water into a bowl for a puppy. Here are the steps:

1.  We release the car from point A and it falls to point B
2.  This teeter-totter like contraption throws the tin foil ball to point C1

3. Meanwhile, the car from step 1 keeps rolling at hits over the cup of water (C2), spilling the water into the bowl (D2)

4. When the tin foil ball reaches point C1 it hits the other car sitting on the triangle releasing it into the red cup, making it heavier and weighing it down.

5. This piling tugs the cup on the other end of the string letting the candies fall out. (E)

6. The candies fall off the ledge into a funnel and through the zig zag contraption.

7. Finally the candies will land into the bowl, next to the water.


Energy Transfers:

In part A to B and the effect of this step (tin foil ball flying up) are both transfers from potentional to kinetic energetic. Firstly, the car is still and has the potentional to move. The process of the car moving from point A to B is the transition between potential to kinetic. (Still car to moving/falling car.)

In part C2 to D2 it is kinetic energy to  potential and then to mechanical. This process includes the car rolling, the hitting the cup of water (which is still) then tipping it over to release the water from the still cup into the bowl.

In part D1 to before E the other car starts as potential energy, it is still and ready to fall the gets the push from the tin foil ball and falls into the cup. The still cups moves and and creates movement in the cup on the other side of the string. The starting energy is potential and the ending is mechanical.

Lastly there is process E to F/G where the candies tip out of the cup and into the funnel and zig zag contraption. These steps begin as potential then to mechanical and then kinetic.


Here is a successful video of our Rube Goldberg Project :

Muncherz 4 your Pupperz :