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Science9 : Innovation Project Reflection

Core Competency

I believe that my Personal Responsibility skills stood out within our group and improved over the course of this project. Throughout the weeks that we worked on this project I showed personal responsibility by persevering difficult tasks like combining the idea of our Phone Alert and incorporating a circuit. By being responsible and creating ways for us to communicate outside of science class and staying organized and on a schedule helped us to implement, monitor and adjust plans to get the result we wanted. Staying organized and keeping my personal responsibility in check helped throughout and in case of an emergency issue with our project, we could have fixed it, like we had to do. In the end, I am now able to proudly take ownership of my learning and behaviour along with my equal part of our Innovation project. At the start, I would say that I was developing in these areas but am now refining because it was already one of my strengths but this Innovation collaboration project helped me to improve.

Collaboration Reflection

The overall collaboration for my group was very good. We all took equal part in the project to create the final product. There were no big issues between our group, but any small mishaps were easily fixed with teamwork and communication. I think my group all did their part, including myself and without us working together the way we did, we would not be as successful as we were.

Experience Debrief

Throughout the course of this project I learned more about and expanded my knowledge on electricity in our every day life and how our world is affected by electricity. It has the capability to solve many problems and using our creativity to innovate useful things opened my eyes to how just electricity and imagination can help the world. Something that I did not like about this project was that it was spaced out over a long period of time and way after we were finished the electricity unit. This made it more difficult because it was hard to remember every aspect of electricity that could have helped us if we did the project in a shorter period of time, more focused on only this and closer to the electricity unit. If I had the chance, I would definitely have gotten more help from the teachers available when needed to help us more in difficult areas instead of putting all of our effort into trying to do something that we didn’t necessarily know how to do. We were very independent with the project which I think is good, but a little help would have benefited us in the end. If I could send my group a message now that it’s over I would give the advice of not stressing too much over it and to just always work hard and stay on task. Doing these things 100% of the time could have made the experience less stressful. Overall, I am happy with how the experience turned out.

Animal and Plant Cells

  1. a) The animal cell that we looked at was a swatch of Jordan’s cheek. We noticed that the few cells that we could see looked like little bubbles that were colorless. They had a darker rim that we thought was the cell membrane.
  2. The plant cell that we looked at was a red onion cell. It looked like many bubbles very close together. Some were bigger than others. We could see bits of purple throughout also. We could also see the cell wall and the cell membrane.
  3. Plant cells have many cells that appear more alike and “organized.” Many are also connected or very close together. Animal cells are further apart and there are less of them in the view of the microscope. Animal cells also seem smaller.
  4. We used the methylene blue on the animal cell because it makes the cells and the nucleus more visible. We didn’t use it on the plant cell because it wasn’t necessary for us to easily see all the cells and small details.
  5. Reflection:

During this lab I learnt that plant cells and animal cells are very similar except for a few things, including that animal cells are smaller, and are harder to be able see through the microscope. The plant cells were much more organized

A question that arose during the lab was why we had to use the methylene blue but we answered that question here.


Solution Fluency Project

  • Proposal :

We are proposing an idea to improve safety for drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and anyone else that can be affected by distracted driving, specifically, cell phone use while driving.

Our idea is to create something that sets off an alarm if your phone is picked up while driving. This will be a reminder to the driver to leave their phone alone. Also, nowadays with Bluetooth phones can be connected to the cars and touching your phone is unnecessary.


  • Cell phone use while driving could be stopped by an alarm that is connected to your phone, as a reminder not to touch it while driving.


  • Apps, turning phone on silent, turning phone completely off and putting cell out of reach, but this hasn’t been enough in the past, we need more.
  • So, therefore a new creation is necessary


  • Alarm that senses and goes off when you touch your phone.
  • Alarm sounds when your phone has sensed that it’s been picked up it will automatically shut off- or an alarm that notifies you to not touch your phone.
  • A phone that has a car mode on it.


  • Alarm hooked up in a parallel circuit.
  • So, like a seat that knows when the seat belt is needed in, because there is someone sitting there. It will be a contraption that knows if your phone is there and can sense when phone is lifted up.  (video, picture, diagram, chart


  • Box with sensor/scale that senses when phone is lifted
  • Parallel circuit – so if one part fails, it will still work.
  • dark box to hide screen from driver
  • Alarm sounds when phone is touched or lifted out of box

Static Electricity- Things that helped my understanding

What do you think are the 3 most important things we have learned about static electricity?

  1. Learning about the laws of static electricity and about the subatomic particles was important because it is one of the most important pieces of base information and helps to understand many other things also. Without knowing the laws, it is hard to do anything else with a good understanding. In order to understand many other parts of electricity you have to know the way that different charges will react with each other.
  2. It was also important for me to learn about conduction, induction and friction because knowing how static electricity is formed helps to understand other aspects of static electricity. Knowing different ways that static is formed is interesting and relates to other things in the static electricity unit also. Without knowing how the charge transfers, other parts of lessons would be difficult for me.
  3. Learning what a conductor and insulator do was the last thing that I think was important for my understanding of static electricity. Knowing that there are items that help charge to flow freely through items and items that do the opposite have helped my understanding.


What lab did you find the most helpful in understanding static? Explain how it was helpful.

The lab that I found the most helpful to understand static was the meter stick races. We had to charge up an item and move the meter stick to complete the race. This helped because it sparked curiosity as to how this was working and enforced me to learn and do my best to understand how the charges from the balloon we had made the meter stick move.