Cascadia subduction Zone response

  1. This documentary used several pieces of evidence to support their claim that we are in a dangerous location. What were those pieces of evidence? List them.

The evidence that was shown in the documentary stated that the last big earthquake occurred because of the landslides or changes in the levels of the coastal lands and the oceans, the two plate boundaries which are stuck together strongly, build up pressure from the movement of the Juan de Fuca plate which goes beneath the North American plate. It could take about centuries that the two plate boundaries buildup some pressure to get slipped pass each other and this event could cause mega-thrust earthquakes.


  1. Using the list of evidence above, explain why one of those pieces of evidence alone is not enough, but why together they make the documentary’s argument credible.

When All of these evidence all come together it shows that there is going to be a mega-thrust earthquake which can happen at any time sooner or later it could cause a big earthquake of magnitude of 8.5 or higher because of the two plate boundaries, the America’s plate boundary and the pacific plate boundary which have been stuck together for centuries and this means that at any time these two plates could release their energy and this event could cause a big earth and because of the sea level changes it will cause a big tsunami after about ten to twenty minutes which can kill many people that are living alongside of the Cascadian zone.


  1. This documentary comments on the destruction a seismic event could have on Vancouver. Describe what you learned from this documentary on how Vancouver could be impacted.

On the documentary it said that That there is going to be a big earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 and it can also last up to 5 minutes because of the pressure of the two plate boundaries which has been building up for years and released all at once. This event will happen on the cities that are located in the Cascadian zone for instance, Vancouver city .The documentary said that the earthquake won’t kill many people because of the endurance of the buildings but on the other hand this earthquake will cause a big tsunami which will kill hundreds of people by destroying all of the houses and sinking all of the people which live there. All of these events that I mentioned can have a huge impact on Vancouver city.

Mount St Helens Interview

  1. Identify and describe 3 ways humans have interacted with this volcano, including positive and negative interactions. (Do this in class today)

There are many several ways that humans are interacting with the volcano for instance, before the eruption many people hiked the mountain and it had a positive effect on the mountain and also there were lakes near the mountain so people would go there for fishing and swimming that these interactions had both positive and negative effects, the interaction of people with the plants and ecosystem in the bottom of the mountain it has a negative effect on the mountain, the cameras and lazers that are used by humans to run experiments in the mountain could have a negative effect on the mountain, these are the ways that humans have affected the volcano and in consequence it could be positive or negative.

  1. Interview someone old enough who remembers the Mount St. Helens eruption and record their story. You can write down their response or film your interview. Ask a teacher, parent or other adult for their story! Your interview will be due Oct 26

I interviewed my guardians and they told me about their perspective of the story that they were terrified when they heard about Mount St. Helens eruption because it was a really big eruption and at that time they were living in Vancouver so they were terrified that the eruption could have had an impact on their life but happily they were far enough from the mountain and they also said that it was interesting for them to see the eruption because is was happening really close to the place that they used to live in and it was their first time that they were experiencing the eruption so overall they felt relieved when they found out that it isn’t going to effect the house, that at time, they were living at.