Racism then vs Racism now

The world that we are living in has had a lot of changes over the years and it has developed and improved over the years. Many people who had the courage to change the society for the better had to sacrifice their lives for it and they had to take the responsibility of representing the people to make sure that their voice reaches to the world for their rights. When these people stepped up for their people, they were in danger of being killed, as Malcolm X was killed while giving a speech defending people’s rights in New York, because he spoke for his people without fearing the consequences. In America, there was a lot of inequality between black and white people. This inequality had cost many lives for both sides. Back in the 19th century in the United States, White people discriminated black people by accepting them as a slave and they thought that their level is better and higher than black people, and also in the American civil war, a lot of black men were forced to join the military, otherwise they would be sent to the jails. Many black people at that time were killed but on the other hand there was a man named Martin Luther king that believed that blacks and whites are equal and they shouldn’t be treated  by their skin color, His views impacted today’s society majorly and fortunately we don’t see these types of discrimination often anymore but this doesn’t mean that our society is perfect, there are still lots of room for improvements which we have to consider while living in this world.

Indonesia Tsunami

Indonesia tsunami

On Tuesday, September 28, 2018, the residents of the Palu coastal city in Indonesia had an earthquake with the magnitude of 7.5 which occurred at a depth of 10km off the central island which caused a tsunami in the coastal area. The earthquake caused many buildings to drop down and fade into dust and in addition, 1350 people had died under debris. The unstable ground has made the research for survivors difficult due to the constant movement of the ground which raises the risk of mudslides. Among the people that are confirmed to be dead 34 of them are students which their bodies were found underneath a church.

The earthquake has highly affected the social sphere, people are struggling Across Palu because of a damaged bridge, blocked roads, a partially closed airport and broken telecommunications it has made it difficult to communicate with other regions for help, as we follow the news access to Health treatment is offered to the city but unfortunately no survivor can use water or electronics.

As the need for supplies is high, police are guarding shops against the robbers, so everything is in high control security and some other organizations that have been really affected are the hospitals, so injured people have been treated in the open and at least one military field hospital has been set up. The military has taken over the airport to fly aid in and injured people and other evacuees out. But thousands of people want to get the first commercial flight out of Palu, the wait continues.

In conclusion, people in Palu are living in bad conditions, they need more health supplies and they also have run out of water and power, the earthquake has affected communications services, so even sending a request for help is also hard for them. The recent tsunami has had a huge impact on the social sphere.