Modeling Mitosis – Maya Pawley

In this lab we as a group were given the task to create a visual representation of the cell cycle of mitosis!!! First you will be able to see our materials gathered; long string as the cell membrane, pipe cleaners as the chromatin’s, beads as the genes, short string as the spindle fibers and also a second long string as the nucleus membrane.


In the next three pictures you will see the beginning of Interphase. This is known to be the “resting phase” of the mitosis cycle and is where the chromatin’s are resting in their neutral habitat without the cycle of mitosis (hasn’t began).


In the most previous picture what you saw was the two sister chromatid’s forming into a chromosomes! Once all the 46 chromosomes are fully bond the nucleus membrane disintegrates and the spindle fibers and centriole’s begin to appear at the poles (outer edges) of the cell.  As well as the steps of Prophase you see the two other main parts of mitosis; Metaphase and Anaphase. During metaphase you will see all the chromosomes meeting as the equator of the cell preparing for anaphase. During the second to last step you see the spindles fibers pulling the sister chromatin’s to opposite sides of the cell.


Finally in Telophase, the spindle fibers disappear and a new nuclear membrane forms around each set of duplicate chromosomes. Lastly in the final step, Cytokineses the one cell divides into two daughter cells making an exact duplicate.


That is the full cycle of Mitosis!!!