Racism is seen as often as a Blue Jay – Synthesis Essay


For this essay, I feel that I did poorly on understanding the connection between my thesis and the layout of my essay. I was unable to write a thesis statement that was successful in relaying the problem I was trying to address. In the end, I was able to fix my errors but wish I had had more time to understand how to write the thesis properly but was able to connect my two sources successfully. I feel that this was not my best work due to my thesis again not being the spine of the structure for my essay but I was happy with the connections I made throughout my compare and contrast in my third body paragraph and throughout the two block paragraphs as well.


 To Kill a Mockingbird vs. Kings

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Desmos Art Functions Portrait Semester 1 2018


Taco (the graph) vs. Taco (the dog)


Head and body views:

1-8                                                                              9-16

17-24                                                                         25-32

33-40                                                                             41-42


Did you use and strategies or have any difficulties throughout your graphing?

To begin, I used most of the formulas given on how to use x^2 and y^2 to find the circular shape on the graph and then added or subtracted from x/y to create restrictions. Other than circles I used linear, quadratic, cubic, reciprocal functions and square root equations to find the shapes I needed. When searching for a particular shape I could not modify a formula to get I either asked Ms. McArthur, a friend and for one equation (the ears) I ended up needing to search for examples so I could find an equation that got the correct shape I needed butIi altered the numbers and restrictions to match my dog, Tacos, head. Once I had made the base of my dog it was easier to add separate details such as marks on his fur by altering equations used previously for eyes, nose etc. Using the equations and formulas that I understood helped me grasp the concept of certain shapes which gave me the formulas for shapes I used later on.

What did this assignment help you learn about relations, functions and their graphs?

This assignment taught me how changing the x or y coordinate or intercept can change the entire equation and end shape depending on your numbers and the time of equation used. As well, I learned that you have to alter the equations to see where you need to add or subtract to create negative or positive outcomes and that in the end, you may not even be creating the shape you needed in the first place, but you now know how to create a triangle,  for example, instead. Lastly, I learned and memorized different formulas that can help you piece together something as simple as a square or circle or as advanced as a person, face or animal!


Flag Pole Lab 2018 – Maya Pawley and Gabby Comartin

In this lab, we were to figure out the height of the flagpole, but how? We used x as the height and were challenged to find the length using the measurement of the angle, the angle of elevation and the height of our partner. We were to add the height of our partner after finding x to equal the full height. First Gabby and I used a clinometer from a marked distance away from the pole, once we determined the angle we measured the distance from the center base of the pole to our marker. This gave us the fraction of 67 degrees/1 and x/355cm. Using tangent we found the height was 7.9 meters and once we added Gabby’s height it became; 9.3 meters. The average for our class was 10 meters.