Racism is seen as often as a Blue Jay – Synthesis Essay


For this essay, I feel that I did poorly on understanding the connection between my thesis and the layout of my essay. I was unable to write a thesis statement that was successful in relaying the problem I was trying to address. In the end, I was able to fix my errors but wish I had had more time to understand how to write the thesis properly but was able to connect my two sources successfully. I feel that this was not my best work due to my thesis again not being the spine of the structure for my essay but I was happy with the connections I made throughout my compare and contrast in my third body paragraph and throughout the two block paragraphs as well.


 To Kill a Mockingbird vs. Kings

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Mini-Inquiry Project – Ignoring our home (Poem)

Ignoring our Home – By Maya P.

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We exist not to overlook earths beautiful nature but to respect its utter power, and see that Mother natures capability to devour us and our intruding cultures is not an allusion; When she thrives, we thrive and when she falters we falter for we are not the first creature that crept the land from the brine.

Society has infested the earth with its overpopulation and consumption of unnecessary objects, so much that we have altered humanities opinion on how we need to love not with our eyes but our mind,

So now…

We can only find meaning through the small lens that has opened to show none the less a narrow-minded path, Instead of taking advantage of the natures strength like a strong and lonely woman welcoming us, we decide to depend on the tangible products rather than taking the easy route;

Following this path could lead to a tornado that either knocks our perspective back into place or leaves bittersweet destruction, Also known as a new beginning, to redo our past errors of judgment because this chance is not to be taken for granted

We must make our choice whether we put our trust in nature to protect and shelter us or turn to the robotic, robust future that awaits us.


‘Ignoring our Home’ is a free verse poem by Maya Pawley that explores the bittersweet reality of our actions reflected on Mother nature.  She gives deep insight into why we only focus on the tangible or the material in our culture. Maya not only explains how “Society has infested the earth with its overpopulation and consumption” but how we have a choice of how we react to this power. Her explanation on how we must either use our overruling power to respect the superiority of Mother Nature or choose to “turn to the robotic, robust” future that lays ahead, opens a new perspective for society. She uses many devices to emphasize her meaning. For example, when she explains the possible outcomes of the path we have taken, she uses a metaphore of a Tornado “that either knocks our perspective back into place […] or redoes our past errors of judgement”. While she analyses the acts of humankind she refers to the Steve cutts Man video. Cutts video demonstrates how we have continuely consumed all the good and fresh products from mother nature. This has caused our oblivion to see the effects we have put on our home; also known as ‘Ignoring our Home’.

Further analysing this poem, I was able to find several allusions from William Shakespear and two short storys ; The Sea Devil by Arthor Gordon and A Mountain Journey by  Howard O’Hagan . When she begins ilistrating our ignornace towards natures aide she uses imagery of “ a strong and lonely woman”. During the story A Mountain Journey this quote was used to represent a tree welcoming him to take a deserved rest. This author has presented poetry filled with several meanings, wheither interpreted differently they all lead to the single coonflict; that we have a choice to make.

Blog Log #3

What really happens to plastic when you throw it away? – Emma Bruce

When I saw this topic I was drawn in not only by the way it was demonstrated but by the topic; Journey of plastics, Where does it go? When the author explained how we don’t properly dispose of our plastics she diverted into explaining the outcome of when we don’t recycle and re-use. She showed us the path of plastic using a story; one bottle traveled through the ocean being eaten by animals causing sea life everywhere to suffocate. Once the fish have eaten the plastic we soon eat the fish then consuming the plastic. This was also one of the most surprising facts but plastic takes over 100 000 years to disintegrate into the earth and it never fully recycles into the earth. The third way was that it can be recycled properly and reused. The bottles and other recyclables become crushed and melted back into their micro plastics/particles to be reformed into an umbrella or a chair! Her description really conveys and proves how our choices to recycle do impact us considering the 5 large collections of plastic throughout the oceans. My main connection to Emma’s point is that I have spent almost two years with my family trying to diminish our use of garbage that cant be used and our family makes sure to reuse and recycle whenever we can.

Blog Log #2

How our lengthy lives could be due to our change in sleep patterns – By Robby Berman


As I read through the content the author describes how we have severely changed how we as humankind naturally sleep. Since the 1500’s we slept in two segments, one was two get rest and then we had what is called a “the watching”. These hours around midnight were used to chop wood, do chores or to socialize with your neighbors. The last segment of sleep, also known as “morning sleep” occurred after the hours at midnight till morning. In modern times because we drain our bodies into exhaustion we tend not to sleep in two segments because we need to sleep for a full 7-9 hours. As the author conveyed the issues of our past routines he explained how in the 1500’s people died at the age of 40 while now with our full cycle of sleep we die closer to 80. One of the main connections I made was when he stated ” Timothy A. Connolly of Center of Sleep Medicine at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital” explained that waking up or sleeping in segments actually harms your body tissue. He establishes that when you disrupt the process of sleep you press “pause” on your rest harming your organs, muscle tissue and cells which can lead to serious health issues such as; heart disease, obesity, and strokes. I have heard many times that people have restless nights out of nowhere and Robby Berman could have found the reason; our ancestral habits. As we continue to grow we still have our inner instincts that could, in the end, be the reason we feel the need to be alert in the hours of midnight.

Blog Log #1

Blog Log #1

Solution to School Shootings? – By Paul Ratner


Looking at the tone, this paper was written as the author presented a strong opinion against legalized guns in the United States. When I saw yet another paper on school shootings but from another perspective, I was intrigued by the view he demonstrated through his writing. There are over 140 school shootings in America since 2013 and he describes the irony in the fact that the country with the highest rate of shootings sells guns in everyday stores. Is this a coincidence? Maybe we could add metal detectors or security guards, but why should students suffer when the government has implicated such pointless laws. We see similarities in our everyday lives with TV’s, movies and real life. We joke about fake scenarios while in reality America experiences shootings regularly. Society has become oblivious to the real reason; legalized guns. While we sit in Canada safe only envisioning the possibility, around us, our world can’t see the evident problem and solution. Paul Ratner proves that we have established a mind set where we can’t see the larger world issue and we soon need to realize how society should wake up and change.