Tech Team Project

a) Briefly describe your new and improved idea, by incorporating ideas and/or feedback.

Our support team is on its way to improve use of modern technology throughout the school. Not only are we interested in how we can get involved within our community but how can we incorporate innovative tech into our own classrooms. I believe that our teams main goal is to teach, help and plan new ways to give teachers and students the opportunity to use our makers space and all our tech gadgets. We will create a calming and welcoming space that can help both teachers and students with tech issues, and help teach teachers how to fix simple computer problems as to maximize class time for every student. Finally we will ensure classes have the support and aid to play and explore with all our innovative tech in the makers space. 

b) Answer the following questions:

– What problems might we run into?

Throughout this process we may run into problems of not having enough time or not enough people, luckily we have a huge Tech team willing to help us. We will need to ensure we have a system in place to ensure we don’t have too many classes in the makers space at once and to ensure that there is always enough helpers for that class. For example we will need to ensure that teachers are booking their class in a time slot for the makers space so we can ensure the tech teams support during that time block.

– What skills do we need to complete this project? How can we attain these skills?

Through the support team we have our smaller team of the robotics team. Some of our goals on this team will be to ensure we are learning and being taught how to use all the gadgets in the makers space like the micro-bits and 3D printer to ensure we can help others. Robotics team will be taught first, then we will be able to teach tech team so we have plenty of students all able to use the gadgets. Eventually we are hoping to have all staff knowing the fundamentals of micro-bits and the uses of the makers space.

c) Create a brief timeline of key things that need to happen to ensure successful completion of your project. What happens next?

Already set in place is the teachers makers Mondays, where we will have tech team students in place to help teach one on one with the staff. As this is our first step we are hoping to advance off of how this process goes and improve as we go along.

Tech Team DiVi Review

What are the strengths? Things you found useful.

Through exploring the DiVi builder i felt it gave a lot of freedom. It gave us the ability to not only explore the appearance of our blog but new and unique ways for us to show what we’ve learned. Most of the time when we are posting assignments to our blog they are meant to just give the information to our teachers but using this program i felt it gave us the option to show our information giving the appearance more of an infographic look. Throughout using the divi builder it gave us the opportunity to use its tools such as adding a video, image, column or row but using the formats given instead of the simple word document visual we usually get. Using the divi builder we are given the choice of a pre-made format or we can make our own giving us even more room for creativity. The options and controls are very similar to the ones we use when changing the theme of our blog, giving us the opportunity to detail and customize even more about our own individual blogs!

What are the  weaknesses? Things you found could be improved.

Throughout using the DiVi builder I did have a few difficulties and continue to struggle with the how portion. When opening the program you are given so many options from design to change every last inch of your blogs space. While it is very nice to be able to use this platform and create whatever we wish, it is still slightly overwhelming to someone who has never used a program like DiVi builder before. For me I began struggling with simple things such as font and image size only because the amount of freedom I had was overwhelming. Working throughout the program I began to figure out some tools with the pre formatted pages but soon realized that you cannot use DiVi builder on top of information you have but you must make your format then add in your information. Throughout this learning process I learned a lot about how freedom can make things easier and harder at the same time.

How can this plugin be used in a classroom setting to enhance student learning? Would you use it and/or recommend it?

I believe this plugin would be an amazing tool for our classes to use. Not only does it spruce up the appearance of your blog but also allows you to give your project a more personal and appealing feel. I think students would very much enjoy the opportunity to explore this platform but maybe with more instruction on how DiVi builder works. Using DiVi builder is easy once explained, but learning on your own can be challenging. I would suggest that our Tech Team create a short tutorial posted to the Riverside Youtube Channel that could be viewed by students to make their learning experience much easier. With this explanation I believe that students would have a lot more fun exploring all the tools DiVi builder has, allowing them to showcase their blogs!

I Wonder If… (Astronomy Wonder Project)

My WONDER project:

Video by NASA showing “What Would have Happened to the Ozone Layer if Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) had not been Regulated?”

This video shows what would happen to the earths ozone layer of the chemical that caused the ozone depletion was not regulated and how that would have affected our atmospheres ability to function.

Information Fluency Reflection:

1. What questions did you need to research in order to research your topic?

For me, because I hadn’t previously studied or learned about the atmosphere I needed to learn about the different 5 layers of the atmosphere and each of their functions. As well I researched previous and future opinions on how climate change is affecting the ozone layer and atmosphere. I found lots of information on the ozone layer depletion due to CFCs, the chemical that weakens the ozone layers. Finally, I researched how earth affects space or how space affects the earth and found lots of new information about how Jupiter and Venus have gravitational pulls towards earth that affect our lifeforms and climate.

2. What new or familiar digital tools did you try to use as you worked through this project?

Working through this project I used several programs such as GALE learning and Easy bib that I have previously used and found helpful but in addition, I used Piktochart for the main portion of my project to add a visual aspect. While citing my sources I found it very useful to use Easy Bib as I knew how to work the website and didn’t run into any problems citing, finding and researching the authors of the site I used. As well I used Piktochart which allowed me to add graphics and other visual aspects such as pictures I downloaded to the poster so I could show what I learned.

3. What was the process you used to investigate the topic?

As I had never studied anything related to the atmosphere I started with basics and then narrowed down the search to answer my specific question. Starting with what is an atmosphere and how does it work, I was able to answer my personal questions and provide a definition for others reading my post to learn about. I used the information I learned from the atmosphere to further research its weakening in the ozone layer, found in the stratosphere. From there on I spent time finding specific articles related to how space and earth are related and the effects on humans and other lifeforms if the atmosphere were to disappear

4. How did you verify and cite the information you found?

Before beginning to read any information I found I double checked that there was an author and that the site itself had referenced its sources to ensure that it had valid information. Once I had gathered all the information  I needed from the website I copied down the site and put it through EasyBib to find any information I couldn’t find from browsing the site itself.

5. How did the process of completing this challenge go? What could you have done better?

I personally felt that I completed this challenge well because I started off not knowing anything about space or the earth’s atmosphere and I now know much more about how our atmosphere is connected to space and how it works. I went into this project thinking it would be difficult to complete not knowing much about my topic but in the end, I found it to be very fun because not only am I now a so-called expert on my topic but I have learned a lot and can explain the general idea of my topic thoroughly. In the end, I feel like I could have spent longer on researching more connections between space and earth and could’ve researched even more of their connections. I learned so much from answering my own question and would’ve loved to go even more in-depth into side subjects as well if I had had the time.

Research Template WONDER project:

Core Competent Canadians

(Double click to view closer)

#1: What did you know about core competencies before this activity? What did you learn?

Before this activity, I only knew the definitions and categories of each core competencies but today I learned how to match them up with real stories and found a lot of examples that we see in real life. We learned how to identify when we see core competencies and also what qualities makeup competencies. Lastly, I found out how I can relate these core competencies more efficiently to my school projects.

#2: How can your knowledge of the core competencies help you in your school life? Personal life?

In school life, I now know how to better understand the qualities of each competency and how I can easily relate them towards my school project. During school and daily life, we can always think about how to relate the competencies to our life and use them or the examples learned today as models for how we can be socially responsible, Personally aware, show critical and creative thinking and express cultural identity through communication. Lastly, we can use the competencies to reflect on how we used these competencies in personal, social and school life.

L’importance des débats

À quoi ça sert  de pourvoir faire des textes argumentif et de defendre ses idées à l’oral ?

Je crois qu’un des raisons qu’on voit les débats souvent est dans les débats electoral pour les parties electoral. Comme on a appris les regles comme, soyez respectueux et n’interompe pas les gens qunad ils parlent, vous pouvez voir comment difficile ceci est cpmment les débats plus serieux. Comme nous avons pratiqué, les débats sont là pour nous enseignons à debattre pour ce qu’on croyait. Alors si on est jamais dan sla position ou nous sommes devalorisé ou nos idées ne sont pas considerer nous sommes preparer à defenre nos idées avec evidence et les idées juste.

La Reflection de Core Competencies:

Biotechnology and Genetics – Transgenic animals/plants

News Broadcast on Transgenic Animals and Plants – By Olivia, Samira and Maya

Research Document (all research used):

Bibliography with Completed Citations:

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Core competencies Reflection: