Writing on the Wall by Celia Rees – Infographic

Below is my Infographic on the short story “Writing on the Wall” by Celia Rees.

Below is also the link: https://create.piktochart.com/output/43988222-writing-on-the-wall-celia-rees-by-maya-pawley

(Double click to see larger)




One thought on “Writing on the Wall by Celia Rees – Infographic

  1. Hi, I love your infographic! Can you tell me where I could get a copy of the actual story ‘Writing on the Wall’ by Celia Rees? Or even forward me a copy if at all possible? I’m an English teacher and really want to share this story with my class, but cannot find out even where a published version is available! Many thanks in advance, Lucy F

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