Blog Log #2

How our lengthy lives could be due to our change in sleep patterns – By Robby Berman 

As I read through the content the author describes how we have severely changed how we as humankind naturally sleep. Since the 1500’s we slept in two segments, one was two get rest and then we had what is called a “the watching”. These hours around midnight were used to chop wood, do chores or to socialize with your neighbors. The last segment of sleep, also known as “morning sleep” occurred after the hours at midnight till morning. In modern times because we drain our bodies into exhaustion we tend not to sleep in two segments because we need to sleep for a full 7-9 hours. As the author conveyed the issues of our past routines he explained how in the 1500’s people died at the age of 40 while now with our full cycle of sleep we die closer to 80. One of the main connections I made was when he stated ” Timothy A. Connolly of Center of Sleep Medicine at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital” explained that waking up or sleeping in segments actually harms your body tissue. He establishes that when you disrupt the process of sleep you press “pause” on your rest harming your organs, muscle tissue and cells which can lead to serious health issues such as; heart disease, obesity, and strokes. I have heard many times that people have restless nights out of nowhere and Robby Berman could have found the reason; our ancestral habits. As we continue to grow we still have our inner instincts that could, in the end, be the reason we feel the need to be alert in the hours of midnight.

Bitterland – Inspired by “The Veldt”

Here is our poem by Nina and Maya we explained how society has created such a beneficial product that has turned us against each other; also known as technology. We chose to dive into the topic of how we, as humanity are so dependent on technology. We need to open our eyes and have real life experiences to see the destruction happening around us.

When all we see is screens we forget what its like to be seen

With FaceTime we replace time, we look at Facebook but forget to face books

As we Instagram our life we want instant fame, instant gains, all we do is install games


We go through life replacing families with glowing screens but in real life …

Teens addicted to machinery instead of natures beautiful scenery

but all we see is teens on caffeine and nicotine restricted, addicted, conflicted.

Blocked and bruised defined by their notifications

The feeling of sedation because humankind is too reclined

we need to redefine our speed and not force feed and maybe we’ll succeed


But our need to connect, reflect, take the next step

We need to learn how to communicate, get our facts straight

And except that this world isn’t going in the right direction

We need to show affection, to accept our imperfections as we feel real connections


Be bold, don’t be cold and remember to hold, hold onto what you’ve been told

Change, just because its strange

we need to exchange these machines for parents, sentimental, gentle love and care

I know your scared…

We need to give up these controlling screens and by all means..

exclude these news magazines they aren’t helping,

So now its time that we rise and look in their eyes, look outside and enjoy this disguise because its not real,

We can’t conceal we have to heal and new deal, no excuse

It starts with you.