Edible DNA Model – Maya

(Maya and Kelsey)

What is DNA? It’s Function? :

DNA and where it is located it actually quite simple; Your DNA is found in your cell inside your nucleus. When you have arrived inside the nucleus you will¬† see 46 chromosomes (average person) and inside each little chromosome there are genes and DNA. A gene is what makes up your physical attributes, such as blue eyes or brown hair.¬† Physically DNA is a long thin strand of molecules made up of nucleotide’s, there are 4 types of nucleotide’s; A,T,C,G. DNA’s function is to code sequences into messages, this lets our bodies and organs function normally. The DNA gets created into RNA which is a copy or half of the original sequence. The RNA is then processed into specific proteins which actually do most of the work throughout our bodies.

In the pictures below you can see the DNA strand, a real strand from a human is approximately 3 meters or 6 feet when stretched out. Here we show a quick snap shot of the inside of a chromosome where you find DNA. You can see the nucleotide’s (4 different colored marshmallows) and the licorice (sugar phosphate backbone) were are material used. Then we created a simple DNA sequence using the RNA (TAC GTA TGA AAC), we found its assigned nucleotide using the pattern “A-T and G-C” go with each other.

Materials used in our lab:

(Marshmallows, toothpicks, licorice)

Our finished model:

DNA Model: (natural form)

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