Halloween Costume 2017!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

For our first project in industrial design 10 we were assigned a Halloween costume! We started off by designing and brainstorming random costume ideas like a pickle, an eye ball or even a pair of glasses. In the end I decided to go with a partner costume combining with Kelsey. We chose the Slinky Dog from toy story as our Halloween costume for this year. We began with gathering our supplies which were felt in brown, black, white and red also all the little things from clips to glue were also gathered. After we had our supplies we assembled the parts from our previously made design with measurements etc. for the next 2-3 classes. After the bulk of it was finished we added the details and feminine aspects to our Slinky Dog and finally added the “slinky” part of it. That is how we created our 2017 Slinky Dog Halloween costume!









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