Week 3- Absolute value

This week, I have learned how to solve and find the absolute value of each number. There are several rules to absolute value.

  1. Negative numbers that are inside the absolute value becomes positive number.
  2. You do the calculation before changing the negative number to positive number.
  3. It is like brackets, however, the difference between brackets and absolute values is that every number that comes out from an absolute values becomes a positive.

How to solve an absolute value 

To solve absolute value, you use BEDMAS

B- Brackets

E- Exponent

D- Division

M- Multiplication

A- Addition

S- Subtraction

As an example let’s use \mid5-8\mid

  1. We will do :    5-8
  2. Answer -3

Since the answer is negative and it is in the absolute value, it becomes positive.


= 3


Let’s try a harder question.



Let’s go through the steps


= 5\mid25-8\mid

= 5\mid17\mid

= 85



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