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  1. It’s great that the concept is explained in simple words and pictures are well presented. Step by step method is efficient for readers to follow as well. It is good idea to explain someone by explaining own words so that he can see what he is not sure about.well done!

  2. Hey nice job on this, I think you did a pretty good job at explaining the many different things about exponents, like what to do when multiplying/dividing powers of equal bases, or how to figure out the volume and area of a cube with only a side length. My only complaint about this is that there are some minor errors in the assignment, like 2^5*2^5 = 1, or sometimes the calculations are wrong. Well that’s all I have to say about your assignment, I think you did a pretty good job as I said before, also I have one last question to ask, did you find this assignment to be pretty fun, or did you find this assignment difficult and frustrating, and another question is, did you like learning about exponents? That’s all I have to say, great work! Bye!

  3. Hi Max,
    Good Work, I like how you used colour in your first example. I also like the examples you used in 8 of (2a)^4 and your example in 16 is also a good example of a common mistake.
    A few things that you could correct are:
    -In 5, your example has a few typos. It should be written like this 4^6 / 4^6 = 4^(6-6) = 4^0 =1 Also if the base is 0, then the answer is undefined, 0^0 does NOT equal .
    -In example 6, I would have also have liked to have seen an example of if the exponent was inside the brackets like this (-2^4) or if there were no brackets at all like -2^4
    -In example 8, the second example had typos and should be written like this of 4^5 / 4^3 = 4^(5-3) = 4^2 = 16
    -There are also typos in example 9.
    -In 10 and 11, I think you meant to make them division question not multiplication questions.
    -In 14, your example is a product, but you subtracted the exponents. Also an order of operation example should have more than one operation.
    -In 15 the example given is a product of powers, not a sum or difference of powers.
    -In 17, 150^2 is the area not the length.
    In 18, I would have like to have seen you use powers to answer the question.

  4. Hey Max,
    I think you did a good job at explaining your understanding about exponents. The examples were good and the visual aids were a nice touch. Everything was neat and organized. I did notice some typos and errors in your answers, but overall I think you did a good job.

  5. Good job Max,
    You did a very thorough job on this assignment. There are a few mistakes, which is as expected with anybody, but most of it was very well explained. I think one of the things to improve on is to use the Latex code to represent the exponents as sometimes the lines can get cluttered. With example 9 I believe that you ment to say subtract the exponent of the base in the denominator from the exponent of the base in the numerator. Overall, very nice work.

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