Health And Social Media Use During Covid-19

The blog piece Social Media Use And Covid-19 from Teen Speak was an interesting article addressing how social media and other factors were effecting people’s mental and physical health throughout isolation. One of the reasons it caught my attention was because I’ve always been curious about the affects social media has and enjoy reading into how certain powers influence our decisions. The blog made me more aware of a topic I actually saw on a TV commercial earlier that I hadn’t considered before. The commercial talked about how some people who were in abusive relationships and situations before quarantines situations have only gotten worse as they are now stuck with that abusive person and can’t leave them. The commercial showed a lady over a zoom call using subtle signs to indicate abuse and get help without the abuser having knowledge that she is reporting what’s happening. Although unlike the last article, it was written in a very plain objective style, it was still quite interesting as the topic related to something I had previously seen as well as informed me on a topic I would be interested in otherwise. The blog also discussed other topics such as stresses over low productivity compared to how others seeming just as productive during these times as well as gaining weight throughout self isolation “gaining the COVID-19”. The article did a great job reassuring people that there is no reason to feel bad about these issues as they are an expected result of these new circumstances.

A Journey Through The “Intellectual Dark Web” And Nuance

The article I chose first caught my attention because of its simple, yet intriguing title, Nuance: A Love Story. The title told me the content of the article being nuance, as well as the humorous, sarcastic nature it was written in. Although it was quite a lengthy article, the author kept me hooked with her informal, and satirical form of writing. I felt as if I was listening to her tell a story in person as she explained how she replaced the darkness her divorce brought her, with the happiness learning new ideas brought her. She lost her friends and her husband and she intertwined those events into her political journey very well. The article revealed how people’s mob mentality can blind them. The author tried to inform and convince us that exploring new ideas and challenging your own beliefs can give you tremendous power and happiness. By doing this you unlock the ability to think for yourself and to be able to form your own unique opinions based off of your own knowledge. I was able to relate to the article as I went through a similar process she did. She fell down the same YouTube rabbit hole I did, following certain people like Dave Rubin, and Jordan Peterson who simply challenged certain ideas school and society has instilled in us at young ages. “Enter my new friends. I found them on YouTube.” I learned that even though I had been through this myself, through her style of writing and engaging story telling she was still able to keep my attention. It also made apparent to me that maybe the reason I chose this article was because I thought it would agree with my bias’. Maybe for my next article I should find something that challenges my beliefs instead.



Logo Design

For my logo designs I decided to redo a few NHL teams logos. For my Vancouver Canucks one I decided to go for a more retro minimal style logo. A Canuck is simply a Canadian so to represent that I used a maple leaf and used to make the shape of the V and the C. I stuck with the traditional blue and green of the Canucks. I also put this one on jerseys to see if it would look kewl and if I could make it look not photoshopped. You can only really tell if you look super hard.


For my favourite team The Tampa Bay Lightning, I didn’t alter the logo too much but made the lightning into a T and an L to represent the city better in the logo. I also stuck to the traditional Tampa bay lightning colours. I put this one on only the home jersey as it looked funny on the away due to the whites being very different and you could distinctly tell the difference.

For my Arizona Coyotes logo, I didn’t really intend on making it but had a cool idea for it. I made both ears represent an A so that over top of the coyotes head it would read Arizona. This one I didn’t put on a jersey as I designed it on more of a whim.

Handshakes.. Are They Worth The Risks?

I believe that handshakes will always have their place in the world because they have been deeply instilled in society, and I believe that is for good reasons. Giving a firm hand shake has always been a way to show trust and understand the kind of person your dealing with based on how firm and/or flimsy they are. Although during the Covid-19 outbreak it may be a bad idea to use them, but for the most part in everyday life you aren’t really dealing with a pandemic and if you do contract something it generally isn’t life threatening or a hinderance at all. For the most part handshakes are safe and are a great way to show trust and something like an elbow bump just feels gimmicky. That is why I believe the handshake is a good thing and should remain in society,

Feature Article Assignment

Social Distancing Bringing Us Closer
How Being Locked At Home Increases The Strength Of Connections

By: Mattias Cipriano

On March 11, 2020, the lifestyle many Canadians lived and enjoyed was over. It was then that many Canadians realized the severity of a previously overlooked viral outbreak originating in Wuhan, China. Although reluctant at first, Canadians slowly began to self isolate and encouraged others to do so as well. With the increase in social distancing and self isolating at home, this has drastically altered the busy mentality many people had. Covid-19 has forced many families to find new ways to adapt, connect and grow together under the unique circumstances they have been given. Whether it be by talking online, visiting from 2 meters away, or quarantining with extended family over long periods of time. Although this malicious virus has brought on many unfortunate consequences, it has also unearthed positive side effects. Two of which being families finding new ways to stay close, and communities growing together as a whole.

During this rapid period of change, one would assume that human beings would be farther away than ever. Yet in realty, these chaotic times have caused a sense togetherness for each community. Neighbourhoods have developed new strategies to engage with each other via social distancing activities such as driveway hockey games. “ Hockey is a great way for me to reach out to my friends and stay connected while making sure we don’t get the virus.” Said Julian Cipriano, a grade eight student at Citadel Middle School. It is important to make sure to stay active and involved in the community with activities to maintain a supportive environment in these tough times.

Another positive outcome from the corona virus has been the support people are giving healthcare professionals. Every day at 7:00pm, people in the community make noise with regular household items, or car horns to show appreciation for those who are on the front lines helping patients who are sick with the disease. This brings the community together as everyone is recognizing the work put in by others, and the sacrifices made so everyone appreciates each other and puts in the work to support each other. “ I think an amazing way that people have been supporting each other is by putting up hearts on their buildings, and houses for the healthcare workers and those working to cure corona virus. This is to represent all the love society has for these people, and shows how grateful everyone is for them.” Said Deena Lakher, a grade eleven student from Riverside Secondary School. The heart designs on windows is another way the community has been helping each other. An article from Kawartha Now by a company called GreenUP states “Another way to connect with neighbours around your home is to create temporary, low-impact, and low-waste public art. Consider creating chalk murals on nearby sidewalk or the walls of your home.” This is another easy way people can brighten their neighbours day by showing they care while spicing up the environment as well. Overall it is clear that community relations have been closer than ever, and they support and help each other daily.

Through this transition period, people have been finding it difficult to keep interacting with their families at the rate they were previously. Although the virus has made it challenging to uphold the same family values previously possessed by most, Covid-19 has also reinforced how important family is to one another. Since it has been difficult to connect face to face with family members, people have discovered ways to reach out to their relatives online. Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime have been incredibly popular the last couple months working to connect friends and families together. “ I’m so thankful that I am able to reach my relatives. Although they live close by, it’s been difficult not seeing them and it’s so fortunate that I can do so online.” Said Deanne Lane-Smith, an Analyst at Vancity. These online programs have helped many people connect with their loved ones. Families are rediscovering how important being together is especially in these difficult circumstances. Now is the time for families to rely on each other, and help maintain comfort for everyone. This can be done, and is being done, when people go out and buy groceries for their family members. “ I think it’s really nice how when my dad goes to buy groceries for us, and buys some for my grandma as well. This helps her out and keeps her safe from any possibility of getting sick.” Deena Lakher states. Not only is this helpful for everyone involved and more convenient, but it’s also preventing crowds in stores keeping everyone safe. Nowadays it’s important as ever to maintain family bonds and aid each other throughout this pandemic.

All in all it is apparent that corona virus brings forth many negative aspects such as pain, sicknesses, and seclusion from those around us, not to mention creating large scale changes and adaptations needed to be made. With that being said, it also introduces certain positive outcomes as well. Closeness between families and communities have greatly improved in the most unlikely of times. This is a discovery that brings some light onto current situation and shows that although these are not the luckiest circumstances society has been given, it is improved by the tight knit community people surround themselves with.

Summative Meme Assignment – Abortion

Part 1
Feature Stories: The beginning of the article can be written more anecdotally and doesn’t require having the solid 5 W’s. They often describe stories in a very detailed way and at a leisurely pace. Features focus more on people and what they think rather than overwhelming you with facts and events. Features are generally a form of soft news.

Hard News: Generally fast paced news that appears on the front page. Usually on important topics like politics, business, and international news.

Soft News: soft news is generally on topics such as entertainment, arts, lifestyle, sports etc.

Editorials: editorials are generally opinion pieces written on behalf of the senior staff of the publication on certain topics.

Blogging: a regularly updated discussion or information website often written in an informal or diary type fashion

Part 3 (A)
For my issue I decided to choose probably the most polarizing issue possible, abortion. The debate on abortion is an ongoing heated topic that has been going on for years. Due to its sensitivity of this issue I think it is important to be as respectful as possible when discussing it. Those on the right tend to be “pro-life” which means that they believe it is unjust to abort a child before it is born. This is because pro-life people believe that the fetus is its own entity and not a part of the mother’s body. Those on the left tend to be “pro-choice”. This means that they generally defend a woman’s right to choose whether she wants to keep or abort the child due to a number of factors. People who are pro-choice for the most part believe that the fetus is not yet independent therefore a part of the woman’s body.

Part 3 (B)
When searching for articles I tried to find a neutral piece, and 2 biased ones from each side of the debate to give an even display of both sides.

This Is an editorial or opinion piece from the right wing perspective. The author talks about the power of connotations in these types of debates and how that affects how pro-lifers voice their opinions. For example to illustrate this he says “In recent years abortion-rights supporters moved from using neutral language like “autonomy” and “choice” toward using positive, stigma-defying language. Groups like Planned Parenthood now speak about “abortion care.” Oprah profiled activists who urge people to #ShoutYourAbortion. Billboards erected by abortion-rights supporters proudly say that abortion is a “family value.””. This is an example of how language is very powerful in this debate and how he believes this change in language is making it increasingly unfair to challenge certain ideas from the pro-choice side. He claims that we need to find a new narrative instead of the innocent child, and the innocent woman.

This Is a left leaning (pro-choice) blog where the author leads with multiple laws being passed in states like Alabama making abortion completely illegal. ““Part of what I think was so successful in getting people motivated and men on board with the #MeToo movement was hearing from women about their personal stories, ” Busy told the New York Times. “Abortion has been, historically speaking, a very taboo subject that women have a hard time talking about publicly, because it’s such a personal decision. The anti-abortion people in this country are so vocal, and for all of those reasons I think women have remained silent. And I felt like, well, maybe there’s actually value in sharing. We need to be as loud as they are, but with the truth. That’s the only thing we have. For me it includes people standing up and saying, ‘I am that one in four.’ It doesn’t matter why, when, or how old you were. ‘You know me, you like me, and I went through this.’ I think there’s something super empowering about being able to shift the narrative and being able to have a ton of people say, ‘I’ve also gone through this thing.””. This quote is actually from a lady named Busy Phillips which the author used in her blog and I think it perfectly encaptures the goal of what she is trying to say. There are plenty of women who have had abortions, and who don’t regret them and that from her point of view made a decision that only a woman can make about her body. She continues to explain throughout her blog post that only a large group of people sharing their experiences with abortion can fight against the stigma against it.

This next article is one of the most neutral articles on the topic I could find. I would say if there was a clear bias, it would be in favour of pro-choice due to the greater amount of counterpoints towards the pro-life idea. Even with that slight bias the article still does a great job comparing both sides of the argument. I would say this is a hard news article because even though you could say abortion technically isn’t essential, it is a large and controversial political debate, although the article lacks hard facts, It does provide facts about each perspective In a non biased manner, and I still think it qualifies as hard news. “The pro-life and pro-choice movements primarily come into conflict on the issue of abortion. The pro-life movement argues that even a nonviable, undeveloped human life is sacred and must be protected by the government. Abortion should be prohibited, according to this model, and not practiced on an illegal basis either. The pro-choice movement argues that the government should not prevent an individual from terminating a pregnancy before the point of viability (when the fetus can’t live outside the womb). The pro-life and pro-choice movements overlap to an extent in that they share the goal of reducing the number of abortions. However, they differ with respect to degree and methodology.” This quote is from the article addressing where the 2 sides disagree. This is very important to identify in a debate because by acknowledging where you agree and disagree gives you a clear foundation for debate instead of randomly throwing ideas at somebody. In this quote he says that the disagreement comes with how to lower the abortion rate. The author says that people who are pro-life want to ban it up front and people who are pro-choice want to instead keep abortion legal but work to improve contraceptives, as abortion is a last resort.

Part 3 (C)
Pre-existent meme

This meme that I found I thought was very clever due to it pointing out how people on the pro-life side are somewhat hypocritical in that most people who are pro-life are conservative, which means there is a high chance they support these topics which “kill” people. This meme is made by someone who is pro-choice for someone who is pro-choice as this clearly supports their narrative. I think this meme makes quite a good point at pointing out this paradox although, it is a little bit of a false equivalency, but what isn’t a false equivalency so I think it’s still a valid point. It is interesting to me how pro-life people also support these clearly anti-life ideas but I thunk the difference comes with the purity of the child where the death penalty deals with the truly worst human beings, guns are technically for defence, and anti healthcare is more anti social healthcare due to its inefficiency.

Created meme

I created this meme to poke fun at the my body my choice idea. I made this specifically for pro-life men and even just men in general. This is because by saying my body my choice, and if women want to have a child ,they will have one, and if they don’t they won’t, with no regard for the father. It is only fair that if a man doesn’t want a child they should not have to pay for it either because this is how multiple celebrities and men in general get screwed over child support payments. This meme just illustrates that if women don’t have to take the full responsibility of raising a child for whatever reason, then men should also not have to take on that responsibility if they don’t want to. I don’t necessarily agree with this outcome because I believe both parents should always try to stay in the picture as it is the responsibility you have as a parent but I do believe that if women have the option regarding their body, then men should have the option regarding their money as it relates to child support.

In conclusion I think that this is a very sensitive but important topic that has to be treated with care and respect for those on both sides of the debate. I don’t think anybody in this debate is actively trying to hurt people but protect in their opinion the innocent person. For pro-choice people it’s the woman, for pro-life people it’s the “pre-natal child”. This debate is also important because not only does this debate effect women and abortions legality, it also discusses a common standard for human life which, which greatly impacts other fields and human morality when it comes to topics such as cloning, and genetic modification. The same standard applied to abortion can be applied to those issues to justify the morality of those topics which is very important or the future of our society. In the end I don’t think this debate will ever end as many people have their own set of morals and its very hard to change or debate morality especially when it comes to protecting people they believe need the protecting.

Why We Should Care About Journalism Infographic

The infographic I made mainly concerns the social media companies that govern what we see. My infographic talks about how their motivation to make money can interfere with peoples political beliefs and add hostility to either side of a debate. It states that if we allow this trend to continue our democracy is at stake. It demonstrates this message visually as well with a funnel of new social media users being more and more polarized while tech giants lurk in the back ground.

New Media 11 Intro Write

New Media 11 Intro Write – February 2, 2020 – Mattias Cipriano

What are you passionate about? What do you ‘stand for’? How do you express your passion? Does your online activity support your passion, values and interests? How so?
Over the last couple of years, I have taken an interest in learning about world, especially relating political and controversial issues, as I really enjoy debating these topics with people. This is one of the reasons I want to study law when I go to University. I believe that what one gets in life solely relies on the effort they put in, the decisions they make, and the way they think. I believe respect is earned, not inherently given. I believe that if a person encounters a problem, they should not complain, but rather do something about it, because complaining does nothing to change the situation a person finds themselves in. I watch many videos on YouTube, not any one channel specifically but anything I can find about political issues going on in the world. Occasionally I will read news articles about these topics as they often contain links to the original statistics and data. This is useful because I find that data is often twisted to support certain viewpoints. Some of my favourite YouTube channels are Ted talks and a channel called Nuance Bro. Nuance Bro speaks to many different protests and rallies, and interviews protestors about their beliefs, as well as question whether they have ever thought about certain counterpoints. He goes to both Right-Wing, and Left-Wing protests and is one of the only channels I’ve found with a more neutral stance on certain topics. I watch Ted Talks when I am trying to learn about new topics or gather more information on a specific topic.

What do you know about the world? What aspect of the world/society/community do you want to know or learn more about?
It’s unclear to me exactly how much I know about the world and how it works, but I do know that it seems like every country and everywhere you go there are rules. Ever since I was little I have always questioned rules and authority, not in a mischievous way, but in a way where I don’t understand why certain rules exist and will try to find ways to work around these rules to give myself an advantage, and also because it’s just fun. It’s one of the reasons I want to become a lawyer because the feeling of “beating the system” or getting a good deal on certain products is something I really enjoy.

What does knowledge mean to you?
In my humble opinion, in today’s day and age knowledge is the most powerful asset you can have. By knowledge I don’t mean knowing random facts to share at family events, but knowing how different topics and systems are connected, understanding what motivates people, and figuring out why or if they are trying to manipulate you. If you can understand what motivates people, you can not only understand what is happening, but understand why as well, which gives you a large advantage over the rest of the population.

Do you believe that people in a democracy should have some knowledge of current events?
I believe people in a democracy should 100% have knowledge of current events. I’m not positive I believe in democracy unless the population of that democracy are aware of current issues that the government would be tackling. If nobody knew what was happening in the world, voting for a leader would be useless. This is simply because they could easily be manipulated into thinking whatever the candidate wants (as usually electoral candidates are smart), and then usually the uninformed people will make uninformed decisions, essentially dooming the country. This is why I believe that everyone in a democracy has to know what’s going on or else democracy becomes ineffective.

Share a statistic, fact with me that you find interesting. Why does it capture your interest?
A relatively new topic that has been all over the news recently, has been the Novel Coronavirus. I remember first seeing the articles and thinking we are all going to die. I further researched this topic and found that it isn’t half as bad as the media is portraying it. There is a fatality rate of about 3% with the elderly and young children being most at risk. The only thing that is special about the Novel Coronavirus is that it’s new and spreading rapidly. Once a vaccine is released, I think that the disease will be eradicated. I find it interesting how easily information and data can be overhyped as everyone is looking for a big story, but this misleads most of the public.