A Journey Through The “Intellectual Dark Web” And Nuance

The article I chose first caught my attention because of its simple, yet intriguing title, Nuance: A Love Story. The title told me the content of the article being nuance, as well as the humorous, sarcastic nature it was written in. Although it was quite a lengthy article, the author kept me hooked with her informal, and satirical form of writing. I felt as if I was listening to her tell a story in person as she explained how she replaced the darkness her divorce brought her, with the happiness learning new ideas brought her. She lost her friends and her husband and she intertwined those events into her political journey very well. The article revealed how people’s mob mentality can blind them. The author tried to inform and convince us that exploring new ideas and challenging your own beliefs can give you tremendous power and happiness. By doing this you unlock the ability to think for yourself and to be able to form your own unique opinions based off of your own knowledge. I was able to relate to the article as I went through a similar process she did. She fell down the same YouTube rabbit hole I did, following certain people like Dave Rubin, and Jordan Peterson who simply challenged certain ideas school and society has instilled in us at young ages. “Enter my new friends. I found them on YouTube.” I learned that even though I had been through this myself, through her style of writing and engaging story telling she was still able to keep my attention. It also made apparent to me that maybe the reason I chose this article was because I thought it would agree with my bias’. Maybe for my next article I should find something that challenges my beliefs instead.



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  1. Wow Mattias – very interesting and cerebral. It is lengthy – I did skim for the interesting bits and quotes. But you a great job writing about it. good work

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