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The Illegal (illegal)

on November 1, 2017

The Illiegal is a book where a boy named Kieta has to run in order to survive. His mom had a heart attack, his father was executed, and his sister has left for university. Being alone, Kieta has to run in order in order to survive. Kieta was a little boring at first, but as the story moved on, he turned into a character where anyone can relate too. however, I can only see it from an outside perspective, where as other people could relate to Kieta more than other people. I love Kieta’s character, he wants to see his sister agian, and win marathons in memory for his father. I would love to see more in Kieta’s character.


Viola comes in like chapter 5 or 6. She’s a sports reporter who is really interested in the people who are being deported. She wants to help them, by trying to get peolpe to read her article. Viola is not really intresting. Her traits aren’t very creative and intresting. She tends to look only on one side of the story, and completely ignore the other side. She’s very boring, she’s more like a regular reporter, wanting to go higher with her career.

John is character that is very interested in the marathon runners. He was creating a documentary about the marathon runners. He really admires them, how they run and commited they are. The whole story of Keita’s life is about running, how you get rich and respect for running. I like how John admires them, shows he’s a genuine character. However, the way he shows his admiration is kinda too cliche. Most characters in other stories are like this, like Sarah Heart from the book series “I am Number Four.”

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