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Principles of Flight

on May 1, 2017

Video 2017-05-19, 12 54 35 PM-qmu0xaCreate a definition in your own words (Bernoulb’s Principle). Find a diagram that explains your meaning

Bernoulb’s principle is a principle (or theory, I don’t know) that explains why certain objects can float or fly. In Bernoulb’s principle, you must have high velocity with low air pressure (actually, when ever you haave high velocity, you immediately have low air pressure). If it was reverse, then you would have low velocity with high air pressure. If you have high velocity with low air pressure, you can make things float. An example is a hair dryer and a ping-pong ball. If you put the ball on the hair dryer, by turing on the dryer, the air flow around the ball is high velocity with low air pressure. This will make the ball float in midair. Even if you tilt it, it should stay floating (for a little while).

Part 2:

Video 2017-05-04, 1 23 29 PM-2ajhgxk

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