January 8

How long will it be till we can discover the whole universe?

My wonder question for this project was “How long will it be till we are capable of discovering the whole universe” I chose this because its genuinely a question I would like an answer to. I have been wondering about this for a long time, since I was very young I would always think about what things are up there in that “big place” known as the universe. I wanted to research more into it and learn more about this specific topic.

I learned a lot of things throughout this process, some of these things are that our universe is constantly expanding and getting bigger and bigger (3) . I learned a lot about the amount of time it would take to get to these planets and galaxies, for example ours, the Milky Way would take around 100,000 years to get too (1). In my findings, it showed that it honestly may be impossible to access all of our galaxy at any time though out human existence but I believe that if we can advance technology a whole lot more, and when I say a whole lot more, I mean a whole lot more, we could eventually keep progressing farther and farther in our goal to discover the whole universe. One source said that if our planet wasn’t constantly expanding, it would a matter of time that we would be able to discover our universe (3). I learned that some scientists believe that our universe could be one enormous sphere, sort of shaped like the earth, while others believe that it is one flat non ending space (2).

Within the topic of space, I was interested in learning more about the size of the universe. I enjoyed this project because it allowed me to research and learn more about the universe. I learned multiple things that will help me further my learning in the space part of science 10. This project gave me freedom to research something I am interested in and learn more about that certain subject. When doing this project I learned various facts about the universe and really how small we are compared to our universe. I really saw how far we are from discovering the whole universe and it may even be impossible. In conclusion this project was a success for me in my opinion.


Source 1. “NASA How big is our galaxy” by Shelly Canright

Source 2. How big is the universe? By Nola Taylor Redd

Source 3. The limits of how far humanity can go in the universe? By Ethan Siegul