January 10

CBC Newsroom Visit


On the 9th of January 2020, my New Media English 10 class visited CBC Vancouver. We had the opportunity to learn about the day to day efforts of journalists and so many more jobs within CBC. When we first arrived, we were taken into a room and learnt a lot about how CBC makes their podcasts and how they all have specific roles and everyone knew exactly what they had to do. We were able to walk through the entire building, it was incredible seeing people working so hard. We learnt a lot about how cameras and mic’s are used when creating podcasts or news casts. We had an interview around the whole place with our day tour guide, Scott. He showed us all how CBC films and how focused and on task everyone has to be in order for everything to function properly. Our class learned about some of the insane hours specific people have to work depending on their role in the company, it can vary from 2am to 10am or 3pm to 11pm. A lot of people working at CBC were so focused on there job, some of them didn’t even say “Hi” but I guess I can let that slide. We learnt that one piece of technology can dictate what 100s of thousands of Canadiens are seeing, which is a little scary to be honest. One thing I found interesting is that when doing a news broadcast, nobody runs the cameras…nobody. Our trip to CBC was a success in my opinion, it was very informational and interesting.


December 18

The Eddy Article – “Staff Childrens Christmas Party”

It’s a very Merry Christmas at Riverside

Riverside Secondary decide to give back to their employees with exciting Christmas party!

By Mateo Brazinha

Riverside Secondary hosted their annual children’s Christmas party for staff to bring their children to the school and have them take part in enjoyable Christmas themed crafts and activities.

The event took place in the library after school on December 10th, 2019. “There’s some crafts, there’s cookie decorating, colouring and a few other things,” said Mr. Hyde, Riverside’s Vice–Principal.

“It’s really something nice for the staff to be able to bring their kids in,” said Hyde.

This event continues on the tradition of Riverside students giving back to the community as the co op students at Riverside Secondary organized the event, according to Hyde.

During the party, “Santa” shows up and then there are opportunities for the children to take pictures and gifts handed out.

For setup, the Christmas activities take place in the library every year and volunteers monitor each of the stations. Ms. Johal and the counsellors organize the party together and this year, Ms. Jackson helped out in organizing, the co-op students who also volunteered for the event.

Gifts are bought prior to the party by parents of the children and are placed under the tree located in the library and when it is time, “Santa” gives each child their present.

Mr. Bruneau joined in on all the festivities and dressed up as Santa, as well as Mr. Giles and Mr.  Hyde who dressed up as his elves.

Approximately 15 kids showed up to enjoy the joyful Christmas party!



November 12

Indigenous Podcast – “What Happened”

Some steps we talk to accomplish this project is communicating with each other outside of school and being efficient with our time during school hours. This podcast was done on time as our group was responsible with our time management. We had to record for several days as there were a lot of bloopers and a lot of mistakes throughout our previous attempts but when we really focused and stayed on task, we finished. We met the grade 11/12 art students so that they could make a very good podcast cover and as you can see they did a fantastic job. We did a lot of research to complete this assignment so that it was done its maximized potential.


September 25

Communication Timeline

Communication has evolved over time through advancements in technology. Communication started as talking, storytelling and pictographs but now there are endless ways to communicate. The invention of the telephone allowed people to communicate from a distance but even the evolution of the telephone has been enormous. What once was a device connected through wires to a wall, is now a wireless object small enough to fit in a pocket. Social media played a huge part in the evolution of communication; communicating with friends and family can now be done through voice or video calls across the world. Things like social media or sms messages are popular because its efficient and easy to function. According to the communication timeline, communication is evolving thick and fast but has not always evolved at a quick pace, only since the 1900s has inventions really started to come out very fast. The continuity of other inventions led the way for new and advanced ways of communicating. Communication is a critical part of daily life as it connects the world for work and leisure in a simple and efficient way. It’s hard to imagine a world where we didn’t have ways to communicate like we do now.

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September 16

Media Research Project


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