May 28

Biotechnology Solution Fluency


My Debrief

I have learned the prosthetics have advanced jurastically in the last few years and the potential they show, I have learned a lot about how people are reacting to these prosthetics and the overall question which is “Is it ethical to evolve human beings?” I have learned that people are preferring the prosthetics over needing them which could cause consequences to our lives in the future. One last thing i learned about was that we are going to change over decades and have no power over it.

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1 thoughts on “Biotechnology Solution Fluency

  1. Mr. Robinson

    I love the question you have in your exploration: what will humans look like in 100 years. What a thinker! It is a great question to get your listeners thinking about CRISPR technology and altering DNA. I would have liked to have seen you include more images in your post. How could you make sure that people don’t take advantage of this technology?


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