February 26

Wonder Project Blogpost#1

Wonder Question:

What would happen if all cars were self driven?

Why is this meaningful to me:

This is meaning full to me because its something I have wondered about for a long time and I am interested to see the outcome

Why is this question meaningful to others:

This is meaning full to others because, when I bring this to people they will really think about what the outcome could be, and that is exactly what I wanna see

Sub Questions

1. How many companies would be forced to shut down/ go out of business?

2. How could this change marketing at car dealerships?

3. From where we are now , for estimate how long would it take considering they have to adjust to there surroundings completely?

4. Are self driving cars reliable?

5. How long can self driving car range of eyesight


Source One 

Title: Self-Driving Cars Explained

Author: N/A

Date Published: N/A

Sources of Info: Union of Concerned Scientists

How does this help answer my question?

This site explains a little bit more about how self driving cars function and how they see for instance when a pedestrian is walking on the sidewalk which is, Ubers self driving car prototypes uses 64 lasers to create there map, on the other hand Google prototypes at many stages have used lasers, high powered cameras, radar and sonar. This site also reveals that partially autonomous cars may require a human to intervene, which shows in my opinion that these things can go wrong and have during there testing. They believe that self driving cars will be on the market for quite some years but it is still something to look forward too.

Source 2

Title: Humans-Not Technology-Are the Leading Cause of Self-Driving Car Accidents in California

Author: N/A

Date Published: N/A

Sources of Info: Fortune

How this helps me? 

This helps me because, I was extremely interested and questioning if these self driving cars were safe. This site shows that out of the 38 incidents that has happened that all but one has been at humans  fault. It also says that 24 of those incidents were when the self driving cars were stationary, and just 6 of the 19 incidents were the cars were moving were caused by the self-driving cars technology

Source 3

Title: The Science of Self-Driving Cars

Author: N/A

Published: August 10, 2016

Sources of Info: The Franklin Institute

How this helps me?

This site helps me because it compares what we have now to what we could have in the future. For example right now we have some semi automatic features like assisted parking or self braking systems. According to the Google Chauffeur software, which the company hopes it out by 2020, which if you think about it, is one year away. Self driving cars seem to be the future and no matter what people say, the future looks bright.

Video to help!


Title: How Do Self-Driving Cars Actually Work? (Tesla, Volvo, Google)

Publisher: N/A

Published: November 17, 2017

Website Title: YouTube

Great Photo

Cars Ahead on Road

Website Title: Free stock photos

Date Published: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Next Steps

One step I could take to further my investigation is maybe emailing someone to further my learning, I can get more answers about the technology from people who do it, day in, day out. People that focus on this topic, the people that are interested in the topic just like me.

Another step would be too research more and different topics based on car technology, I could research about the technology on a modern day car and the technology on new self driving cars. I could research more about the difference between the intelligence of the cars.


1. What questions did you need to research in order to research your topic?

I chose 5 sub-questions that really helped me do this, they were: How many companies would have to shutdown or go out of business? How could this change the marketing at car dealerships? From where we are now considering that the self driving cars have to adjust to there surroundings completely how far are we away? Are self driving cars reliable? How long can self driving cars range of eyesight?

2. What new or familiar digital tools did you try to use as you worked through this project?

There are multiple tools online to help me figure out the answer this question, whether its a citation machine or just as simple as an article online, everything helps to answer my specific question.

3. What was the process you used to investigate the topic?

There are a lot of bogus sites online, I was taught some ways to avoid false information, one would be to when I find information make sure to verify by looking at different articles about the exact same topic, for example self driving car crashes.

4. How did you verify and cite the information you found

I verify my information by checking it multiple times to make sure it is trust worthy and not using wikepedia sort of sites that can be shaky with the information your receiving.  

5. How did the process of competing this challenge go? What could you have done better 

This challenge was difficult but I enjoyed doing, it made me think about what I really wonder about the world and how technology is changing it constantly. I could have done a few things better, for example I could of used my time more wisely while away, I could have at the start of the project done more research on my original question.

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6 thoughts on “Wonder Project Blogpost#1

  1. avaw2018

    Your “I wonder” question was really fun to read! Taking a look into the future to see what may happen is always fun. It can make us wish we were there instead of today! Why are so still far away from making a self-driving car? One suggestion I would give is just to check you add periods to sentences. But everything else looks good!

  2. aidank2018

    Dear Mateo…
    Your question was very interesting and entertaining. While i was reading, i agreed and liked your sources because i personally like electrical cars as well.
    I liked how you displayed and showed your information in a short but explanational paragraph making it easier to understand and read in general.
    A question I have is that how fast could the international economy transition into only electrical cars and not gas.
    a suggestion I have is that you should maybe a bit more information to your soarces.
    overall i enjoyed looking into your question.
    From Aidan Knapfl

  3. Mr. Robinson

    I really like how you have found a question that is meaningful to you: What would happen if all cars were self driven? You have some great sub-questions to lead you to address your main question. One of the questions that stems out of this question is: will self driving cars lead to any ethical concerns? I am eager to hear what you find out!

  4. abigailb2018

    I really enjoyed your wonder question. My question is, Would there be self-driving transit buses? One thing I think you could add it a picture of a self-driving car.

  5. Ilda Brazinha

    Great topic Mateo! I really like how you researched the topic and provided facts to support your thoughts and I enjoyed your positive perspective of the future of technology. I think you could have included some comments about the impact self driven cars will have on the economy and on society as a whole. I would also encourage you to proof read your work.

  6. cdurand

    You have a very fascinating and interesting topic! I can see from both your written research and your discussion in class that you are passionate about this topic and how it relates to your life. I would love to see you look at the pros/cons of self-driven cars and get your opinion on this issue. Have you looked at any research comparing data or is it still too early to make those comparisons? I really enjoyed learning about some of the exciting features these vehicles have!! How do you think that using self driven cars will effect our society and the job market? Looking forward to learning more about it!! Good work:)
    Mrs. D.


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