Thermos Challenge 2019

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A) For our materials, we incorporated one paper cup, 2 Styrofoam cups, a coffee cup lid, a Styrofoam cone, and 2 dimes worth of hot glue into our Thermos. Our result concluded in 29.3 degrees drop from 87.1 degrees to get our result of 57.8 degrees in 57 minutes. We think that we did pretty well compared to other groups considering ours wasn’t the best our worst thermos that was tested so, we were probably somewhere in middle.

B) For our design, we were struggling to create a thermos that would hold the most heat and look the best at the same time, but our designs became far too complex and never functioned the way we had intended them too. In the end, the goal was to make the most basic and simple design. Our thermos was much easier to customize and develop without anything getting out of hand. We didn’t have much concern for the law of conservation of energy because we were mostly concerned about how we could limit the amount of heat we would lose. For the most part, we tried to limit how much time the water would spend outside the thermos, so we tried to pour the after in the thermos as fast as possible. We made sure the thermos would not move to limit the amount of heat that could be lost. The temperature was a big concern because we realized after our second or third prototype that the temperature at the start could affect how much the drop will be. Thermal energy and heat were the biggest concern for us we made sure to use as much Styrofoam and plastic because they seemed the best to contain the heat inside the cup. Styrofoam was the best but we could only afford 2 layers but we wanted three layers, so we used plastic to leave enough space for the rest of the budget. For the cap, we had the same idea of mixing plastic and Styrofoam together for the best way to contain heat.

My Contribution

Throughout this project, I helped create the first few prototypes and after we had our final product I completed all the sheets and paperwork for each prototype. During discussions, I made my opinions and thoughts clear to help push the discussion forward and had an open mind and help develop the ideas of my teammates.


Physics 11 – Falling Bodies

  1. IMG_1760

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1. Drop a ball from a height of 1-2m and calculate the final velocity just before the ball hits the ground. (The math is shown in the image)

the hardest part was to get an exact value for time, so instead of doing it by hand I used and re arranged a formula to get my value for t


2. throw a ball into the air and calculate the velocity of the ball as it leaves your hand (the math is shown in the image [correction: 5m/s —> -5m/s])


the hardest part for this problem was figuring out how to find the initial velocity of the ball as it leaves my hand. There is no formula to calculate this. So I thought that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, therefore, the amount of velocity I give the ball as it leaves my hand is equal to the velocity right before it hits the ground, so I figured out that velocity and was able to answer the question.



Core Competent Canadians

Question 1:

  • I’ve known about the core competencies in the first week of grade 9. I know they are a key part of my educational awareness and a way to share my pride in my assignments and projects. Today I learned that everyone’s accomplishments can be linked to a core competency in one way or another, they are a great way to inspire and share an experience with others.

Question 2:

  • It will help me reflect and remember certain projects and assignments that I was proud of. Because of my Edublog, I will be able to look back and see how well I did, they are a way of showing off what I’ve learned throughout my 4-year journey at Riverside.
  • In my personal life, my core competencies are a way for me to mark accomplishments and personal goals that I’ve reached. Maybe it was an exam that I was really proud of, or maybe a project that a partner and I did very well on. Core competencies are a way for me to create links with my school and personal life with the real world.