Eggs at home

Breakfast- Crustless Carrot Mini Quiches

Mini quiches are great for every meal of the day, theyre the perfect finger food but also fill you up. This crustless quiche is perfect for a healthy breakfast. 

Lunch- Provençal Egg Bateaux

This simple and creative lunch recipe can be made with your favourite veggies for a more personalized and complex recipe.


Dinner- Stuffed peppers with quinoa and eggs

Stuffed peppers are always a good recipe with lots of flavour. But, to make it even better.. Here’s stuffed peppers with eggs and quinoa! An ideal dinner recipe for a flavourful and filling meal.






Noble- @Ma très jolie!! ton jardin est le definition du travaille dur

Paysan- @Ma c’est pas juste ! c’est pas la vraie travail, essaye d’être comme nous pour 1 jour. #LOL

Bourgeois- @LouisXV Jolie mais nous besoinS d’être si riche.

Podcast- 3 filles 3 théories

3 filles 3 théories

Notre series de trois filles trois théories est a propos des théories de complot que vous avez toujours écouté mais pas vraiment fais de research a propos, alors on a fait le research pour toi est on va parler a propos trois différentes theories. On va discuter tout la evidence qu’on a trouver sur le internet. On va dit notre opinion a propos chaque théories de complot. alors préparez vous pour…

Tableau de planification


Les membres du groupe : Sanela, Masha et Valeria
Le titre de votre baladodiffusion : Trois filles, Trois théories
Le genre : Informative
Le(s) thème(s) abordé(s) : Les théorise complot

Épisode #1 (Titre et description) L’atterrissage de la lune, Est-ce que c’est vrai
Épisode #2 (Titre et description) Est-ce que la terre est ronde ou plat ?
Épisode #3 (Titre et description) Illuminati ou area 51

Un logo
Une description de votre émission On va discuter les théories complot est notre opinion, aussi on va parler à propos l’évidence.
L’introduction de chaque épisode Bonjour et bienvenue au notre podcast nous somme des 3 filles avec des 3 théories…
Plan de production mensuelle Chaque personne va faire de researche à propos chaque théorie en première est écris des notes, après on a tous les notes on peut écris des scripts est on peut filmer notre podcast.

Analyzing advertising strategies

  1. Public Health England-Anti smoking  
  2. This ad is dark and has a few graphic images including cigarettes effects on your body. It includes a man smoking and a voice nararting how cigarettes are poisonous.
  3. The emotions evoked are fear (of sickness, death and embarrassment of bodily function)
  4. The ad is meant to appeal to regular smokers, trying to change their minds on what they re doing to their bodies
  5. Fear tactics were used, the fear of sickness, death and embarrassment of bodily function. They are displayed by a man smoking cigarette, then his veins start turning weird all over his body as a narrator says “Every cigarette you smoke causes poison from tar to enter your blood stream and spread to every part of your body, if you could see the damage,you’d stop.” then it ends with a help website to stop smoking.
  6. Sugar Bear hair gummies- advertised by Kim Kardashian
  7. All the Kardashians constantly post Sugar Bear hair ads on instagram, these ads are pictures of them looking their best while biting a bright blue Sugar Bear hair gummy. This one is of Kim Kardashian
  8. The emotions of wealth, star power, health and beauty.
  9. The consumers targeted are usually teenagers/young adults who follow the Kardashians on instagram and are wanting nice hair.
  10. The Kardashians are big influences on the beauty and fashion world, they have nice hair, skin and are fit. So them advertising these gummies would make others want to buy Sugar Bear hair to fit in and look like them with healthy hair. The caption is Kim talking about how she’s obsessed with them which would make someone want to fit in with health, beauty and wealth like her.

Le top du top

Quand je trouve l’argent que j’ai oublié à propos ou caché.

Je nettoie ma chambre et cherche dans mon pupitre… la meilleure chose arrive! Sa c’est le meilleur sentiment du monde! Parfois, je cache d’argent dans des places au hasard quand j’ai beaucoup ou je juste oublie où je mis mon argent. Puis, quand je ramasse ma chambre ou regarde dans mon sac à dos, je juste trouve d’argent et sa fait mon jour 1000x meilleur. Par exemple, pendant l’été j’ai dépensé toute mon argent et j’étais triste. Mais, j’ai trouvé $200 dans une vieille boîte d’ IPhone. Je ne sais pas si je suis la seule personne qui fait sa mais quand j’ai des coins de $1 et $2 je juste les lances dans des sacs ou mes poches. Tout ces coins additionnent ensemble et aux moments les d’espéré, tu peux trouver d’argent. En conclusion, c’est une bonne idée d’être négligent avec tes choses et argent car un jour toutes ces coins peuvent te sauver d’être fauché.

Digital Footprint


Digital Footprint


How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities?

Your digital footprint stays out there forever, everything you post or say can be retraceable.  I could make a dumb decision when I’m young on the internet and it could affect my entire future with my job, the law and even my relationships.


A lot of the time, jobs do searches on your digital footprint and either it could make or break you getting the job. Maybe you did something as a teenager and it just ends up coming up and ruining your shot at your dream career. Say for example, I was in grade 10 and decided to direct message a girl on Instagram who I didn’t like. I started calling her ugly, telling her to disappear off the earth, sending her and her family intense death threats and constantly telling her I hate her. Eventually the girl shows her parents the death threats and the police get involved. Over the course of a few months, everything gets dealt with and it settles down with me apologizing and learning my lesson. The messages get deleted and police records are pretty confidential so I worry nothing about it. Years later, I apply as a youth worker to help teens with everything they’re going through. My interview and goes smoothly and they really like me! All they have left to do is look at my digital footprint, but they find something from 5 years ago that I thought had disappeared off the face of this earth… my direct messages with the girl! I don’t end up getting my dream job because they don’t want me as a role model for the kids i was going to work with. Digital footprints are forever even if you don’t want them to be.

Getting in trouble with the law way later in life because of your digital footprint is also not a surprising thing.


Describe at least 3 strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

1- THINK before you post: This method can help you avoid posting and sharing something you might regret in the future

2- don’t overshare: Not everything in your life needs to be posted. Sometimes social media is a way to express the bad and the good but personal things should stay in your real life and off of your platforms.

3-  Keep your platforms private: Even though your platforms can still be accessed if they’re private, It still keeps you on the safe side of having less strangers on your platforms and your posts out in the open.

What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? How would  you go about telling them?

I have learned about how much your digital footprint truly could affect your future and how much everything stays out there. Just by googling myself; all my friends came up, my social media, deleted posts and much more. Everything truly stays out thee whether you delete it or not. I would tell students straight up how scary it is and how cautious you should be.


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