Exploring Waves – Lab

Periodic wave :

  • a periodic wave is a repeating wave a regular time periods.

Pulse wave:

  • A pulse wave is a single occurring wave.

transverse wave:

  • A transverse wave is a wave that moves in up and down or side to side motions, at a right angle.

Longitudinal Wave:

  • the direction of the wave is moving parallel to the direction of travel.

Humanity cannot thrive where there is censorship – Corrections

Humanity cannot thrive where there is censorship

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Censorship is important to keep things in order. Censoring certain content from society can prevent people to from becoming morally depraved. Censorship can be a great tool when used and handled correctly, but at the same time, it can be a powerful tool used against society because it sets limitations to knowledge, it keeps people from progress and and development, not to mention it also shelters the harsh realities that are present in today’s world.

Firstly, censorship sets limitations to knowledge, as exemplified in the novel Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury.

The novel explores how perusing books is against the law because books symbolize knowledge and inventiveness/individuality.

When Montag shows the books to his wife, Mildred is shocked and terrified to know that her husband has been stealing and hiding illegal books in their house. Mildred tries to burn the books. However, Montag stops her and convinced her to read a novel. Mildred becomes angry and says “Books aren’t people. You read, and I look all around, but there isn’t anybody… Why should I read? What for?” (Chapter 2.)

In this quote Mildred views TV’s as her family; TV shows have become her reality and a source of happiness as she says, “They tell me things, I laugh, they laugh and all the colours” she views books as irrelevant and trouble provoking, she fails to see why reading is beneficial and asks Montag for what reason should she read, when TV tells you what you need to know.

Not to mention China’s government has control over any sources and media Chinese citizens get to access, their ability to access media and news are strictly controlled by the government therefore citizens don’t connect with people from other countries and are rarely informed about political and social issues that are not related to China. Censorship has also affected people’s business deals, for instance Chinese investors in Africa have suffered huge losses due to their instability and lack of knowledge on the continent and the failure of some mainland companies to fully grasp local conditions.


With some countries applying media censorship, people from unprivileged countries, may experience a lack of innovation and advancement in technology. Having access to the internet can have an effective impact on learning, which can be used to the country’s privilege. By being able to use the internet, society can access information that is readily available unlike books and TV. When people are withheld from accessing information, there will be lesser improvement in people’s lives and the country.

Some countries use censorship as a weapon against society, to mask the truth about social and political issues that people deserve to know. Powerful and influential people censor information from people that can harm their reputation and wrong doings. Government takes advantage of this opportunity so that illegal activities between governments and private affairs are not known to people.

In the movie V for Vendetta, by Alan Moore, the government is not allowing the public to have access to certain types of literature, music, and art. However, V has access to it all in his private library. V was determined to make a change in the government and make a new start, that is why he started a war against the government “Remember, remember the 5th of November. The gunpowder treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.”

V has access to the books that are forbidden by the government, because people will figure out how to make explosives easily if books are provided. Although the government was not able to censor them from V, he gave access to the books to people. He Impersonated and lied to Evey to help her open her eyes and realize the reality they are living in.“Artists use lies to tell the truth. Yes, I created a lie. But because you believed it, you found something true about yourself.”

In conclusion, Bradbury was right: Humanity cannot thrive where there is censorship because it hides the truth that the people deserve to know, it controls and leaves less room for progress in countries that are less privileged, and it creates problems within society



two things I’m proud of is the research I put into this essay and I was able to reference V for Vendetta which I really liked.

There was mistakes that I had to correct but after the corrections it turned out better. I’d work on wording things in a better way.

Narrative Essay – Corrections

The reason why

      Walking to school on a bright day, I heard the faint sound of little paws behind me. I looked behind me I noticed tiny little paws and a faint sound. As curious as I was, I decided to find where the sound came from. I searched and searched, I found what I was looking for. Hiding behind the drenched boxed on the wet ground, was a kitten. I felt my heart skip a beat and a smile stretch across my face; yet at the same time, my heart broke into pieces as I noticed how slender her body was, you could see her bones. If I go to school, leaving this cat behind I know I’ll regret it; I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. I picked the kitten up, wrapping it inside my jacket for warmth. It fell asleep on the way home; it was heartwarming. When I arrived home, my mother looked confused, “Why aren’t you at school?” I unzipped my jacket and showed her why.


We took the kitten to the Veterinarian, the kitten was in a bad shape, she was malnourished, her bones were visible, the kitten also had several injuries which seemed like she had a couple fights with other cats. It was clear she’s gone through a lot but I was glad that she doesn’t have to go through that again.  Five days after being at the care of the Veterinarians, the kitten seemed much better and healthier. The stray kitten wasn’t like any other stray; she was comfortable and playful not to mention she had quite the character. That’s when I decided to name her Elda, a short and a beautiful name for a fighter. She deserved a happier life, Elda has survived on her own on the streets with no food; therefore, making her a fighter.

Days, weeks, and months passed by. Each day Elda’s health was getting much better than from when I first met her; we were happy. We’d go on walks and explore many places like: Forests, beaches, and streets we haven’t been to.


Elda loved to explore, she was curious about everything and always followed me to school. One day getting ready to go to school, I realized Elda wasn’t there. I figured that she’s going on a walk like she always does, but this time, she wasn’t with me. Walking to school; I felt my heart drop to my stomach. Elda was thrown on the side of the road with needles injected on her arm. It shattered my heart; I felt guilty. I wished I could’ve done something to help her, to this day I still wish I was there for her This must’ve been painful my love, but you are in a better place. I promised Elda that I’ll help animals that are in need whenever I can.


Years passed, I’m a junior in High-school. I’ve decided to Volunteer at the Animal hospital to experience a typical day as a Veterinarian. First day, it was fun; I learned the proper way of how to strain animals from moving as they are getting, nails clipped, injuries healed with laser treatments. The hospital was as full of appointments.

Days passed and I realized that there is no such thing as a “typical Veterinarian day” It was always different, each day there was something different, busy on some days, and slow as a turtle on others. I’ve learned many great things like drawing blood, testing blood, diagnosing illnesses and many more. Being a Veterinarian is not always sunshine and rainbows. There are times when you have to operate a surgery, euthanasia, cleaning anal glands. It can be yucky sometimes, but it’s all for a good cause. A job is not always easy; it can be stressful at times but the most of all it can be the greatest job you can ever have because you chose it. Although, being a Veterinarian can be a lot of hard work and dedication, at the end of the day; it’s all worth it because animals deserve the world.


I’m proud of the way essay came together,  and how I it ended after the corrections. Although it was short and had some mistakes I enjoyed writing it but at the same time it was sad recalling the past.

One thing I’d improve is my writing

The Pedestrians

Artists and Writers are as important as Scientists and Engineers, Artists help us envision new ideas that may not be tolerable in this society or help us create new technology that contributes to society.

Throughout the years Artists and writers have had a great impact on our society, during the old times Painters  would paint events that have happened which helped us have a better understanding visually of how events may have looked or occurred like in the past. Artists and writers show their emotions through their work, in music, books, paintings etc. many people look up to certain artists or writers ans usually aspire to become an individual like them. Even scientist try to create new ideas from paintings or novels and make them into reality.

In my life I always listen to music whenever I’m happy, sad or stressed, music helps me relax and focus on work i think without music my life would be pretty boring.

desmos self Port.


  1. I tried looking at tutorials from YT, and other websites
  2. I used the strategies from Onenote and YT
  3. it helped me understand how to use the right functions
  4. it was hard finding the right equations and changing the colour of myself in desmos.

residential school

should the government be held responsible for the decisions and actions by the previous governments?

yes because the government knew the harm that they were doing to the aboriginals by taking them from their family at an early age until they are 14 – 18 (depends on school), they were forced to learn a language, religion and a culture they didn’t know. kids were punished or sexually abused for speaking or practicing language and culture. residential schools have tried hard to erase every bit of the culture by cutting their hair which has meant a lot for the aboriginals, cutting them from family and friends at an early age and shaming them for who they are and calling them dirty, because of that many kids have felt ashamed of who they are and wished to be white so they don’t go through residential school. from the point of view of the aboriginals, the government should be held responsible, a simple apology won’t change what has been done in the past.

from Canada’s point of view yes because they have tried to erase the aboriginals culture and have done horrible things to them for years. forcing them to go to residential school instead of staying with parents.

from my point of view i think the government should because they can’t fix what has been done to the elders that grew up in such environment and very little of them held on to the language and culture for it to be able to be passed down to new generations.



health plate

communication/socialization: I want my socialization to improve so in order to do that i need to get out of my comfort zone and talk to more people not just stay in my group of friends but talk and communicate face to face other than online texting

future career: I need to get better grades and study a lot in order to get the perfect score to get into a good university

Physical and mental health: need to have a good diet and not be picky with food. need to exercise more to be fit and healthy. try not to stress over small things, think healthy and only positive thoughts