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What literature has taught me about the effects of racism.

In the book “Indian Horse” and “Sugar Falls” both Saul and Betty went through similar cultural genocide. However in the book “Indian Horse” Saul went through much greater racism and discrimination. When Saul was sent to the residential school, the Sisters bathed him, shaved his hair, changed  his name and banned him and the others from speaking their language or practice their cultural traits and religion. When Saul started playing Hockey, he started noticing more racism and discrimination from others such as whenever he goes on ice the fans from the other team threw plastic dolls (F.N.//Indian Dolls), paper, trash and sometimes he sees a cartoon of an Indian guy with an Indian stick instead of a hockey stick in the papers the fans threw.

In the book “Sugar Falls” Betty’s mother had abandoned her because she didn’t know how to take care of Betty in any other way. Her mother was another survivor of residential school and its abuses “I don’t have a daughter, I don’t want one any longer” is what her mother said. When Betty was taken to the Residential school, Betty faced similar things to what Saul faced such as; bathing, cutting hair, changed name/culture/religion/language, banned from speaking their own language and practice culture and religion. When spoken their language they would get beaten “you are to speak only English and not your filthy language”

Effects: caused trauma, shame of own culture, language and country, habits into drinking/drugs, treating others the way they were treated, not know how to express their emotions.

Electric House — Solution Fluency

Define: We were assigned to make an electrical house, it was a challenge to us because we didn’t have enough time to communicate between our partners since school was the only way for us to meet and discuss this project.

Discover: We had to figure out how and where to connect the circuits in the house, we faced some difficulties but it all worked at the end all four circuits worked without any glitching.

Dream: we had many great idea’s and combined them together to make a great house. sure we did have some problems but with our great teamwork we were able to make things work.  though we didn’t have the time to finish painting the outside, the house looked great from the inside.

Deliver: the final day of the project, all our circuits worked easily with one try. we were really proud of what we did.



Where it all began

The day everything Started,

A story of a five-year-old girl, a little girl who always loved animals,and wanting to to become someone who helps them is a dream job she’s always dreamed about. Little did she know, that animals have always been abused by their owners. while she was watching a TV show about animals to learn about them… that was then when she saw animals being abused by heartless humans, her heart shattered to million pieces. The little girl couldn’t cope with what she saw. She saw animals being abused: Hitting, hoarding, harming them in every way possible, starving those pure innocent animals to death, it killed her. She burst into tears, she was in a shock because the five year old had always spoiled her kittens and puppies, so seeing people harm those innocent little pets made no sense to her at all, what the little girl couldn’t understand was, those people’s expressions, their eyes were glowing with hate and such disgusting laughter coming out of their filthy mouths, laughing like ugly witches and wizards, witches and wizards that are about to achieve their goal once they are done with their evil plans.

That little girl had decided to help all the animals in the world. Sooner or later she snapped back to reality, and the fact that she understood that she can’t help all the animals in the world felt like a needle filled with sorrow stabbing her tiny little heart, but then she knew that it doesn’t mean she can’t lend a helping hand to the animals in her neighborhood. She had studied and understood all the needs and what she needs to do to help stray animals. She got her parents to help her get the supplies she needed (beds, food/water dishes, toys, bird houses, food, vitamins, etc.). That’s when she started her own project. She had also made some houses for cats and dogs made of cardboard boxes, to keep them safe from the rain. She also wrapped it with raincoats, so the pets are safe. (similar Image below). That little girl always walked around with cat and dog food to the places where she placed her food dishes because she knew those places are where most stray animals go. She did that twice a day for couple years.


At the age of seven, the little girl began bringing stray cats to her house. She had a balcony so she could make a safe shelter for the cat’s, though her two kittens didn’t like the idea of a strange cat crossing their territory. Three months later, one cat gave birth to 5 kittens, what the little girl saw was one of the happiest moments in her life, she did her very best to provide care for the cats she bought and the animals that she still takes care of outside. One day she decided to help at her friends shelter that her father owns. She started bringing animals there, the cats and dogs that she always took care of went to that shelter. Lucky for her, the shelter she helped doesn’t kill animals, she was glad for experiencing all those feelings she felt, from saving an animals life to the feeling where she makes sure that the family that’s adopting the animal will always take care of the pet. She never regrets what she did and what she still does. She’s the kind of girl that will take an abandoned animal home just so that they could feel safe and protected. She hated how owners easily abandoned their pet as it was nothing to them. She was always sure that those owners never understood that their pets have no one else but them, thy never understood how a dog can be loyal to their owner and how cats are loving and caring can be to their owners, yet they still abandon them. Abandoning their pet with a collar on is the worst thing they could ever do because it drives the animal crazy when they get older. It gets tighter on them so they could choke.

One day while she was looking for animals she saw a German Shepherd dog, when she was about to approach it the dog looked so scared, the little girl knew that she looked bigger than him so she tried to be at the dogs level so that it’s less scared. Little did she know the dog looked like it was ready to attack, the girl didn’t move because she knew that she had to save the dog, she knew that it deserved a better life where it feels save and protected, that was her number one priority, then the dog approached, surprised? Confused? Happy? Mixed emotions, she didn’t know how to feel because the dog didn’t try to attack her, it approached her slowly, she smiled with tears, she let it sniff her and the dog let her pet it’s head, “She feels safe and protected” is what she thought of, then she saw a collar, she let another tear and took it off, the little girl hugged the dog and took it to a veterinarian, then the shelter, 3 days later a great person adopted the pretty German shepherd, she was happy…

Her dream of becoming a successful veterinarian became stronger with the incidents that she keeps involving herself in. What made it even stronger is when she saw a dead kitten beside the cross-walk that was probably killed by a human because its arm was injected with a needle, she blamed it on herself she thought if she was there just a little sooner, then the cat could’ve been alive and happy. Her love for animals began when the world welcomed her to life, she loved animals so much to the point where she decided to have them as a part of her future. The passion for that dream became stronger throughout the days, months and years. Just like the love you have for someone, you will always love them but that love grows stronger each day.