residential school

should the government be held responsible for the decisions and actions by the previous governments?

yes because the government knew the harm that they were doing to the aboriginals by taking them from their family at an early age until they are 14 – 18 (depends on school), they were forced to learn a language, religion and a culture they didn’t know. kids were punished or sexually abused for speaking or practicing language and culture. residential schools have tried hard to erase every bit of the culture by cutting their hair which has meant a lot for the aboriginals, cutting them from family and friends at an early age and shaming them for who they are and calling them dirty, because of that many kids have felt ashamed of who they are and wished to be white so they don’t go through residential school. from the point of view of the aboriginals, the government should be held responsible, a simple apology won’t change what has been done in the past.

from Canada’s point of view yes because they have tried to erase the aboriginals culture and have done horrible things to them for years. forcing them to go to residential school instead of staying with parents.

from my point of view i think the government should because they can’t fix what has been done to the elders that grew up in such environment and very little of them held on to the language and culture for it to be able to be passed down to new generations.



health plate

communication/socialization: I want my socialization to improve so in order to do that i need to get out of my comfort zone and talk to more people not just stay in my group of friends but talk and communicate face to face other than online texting

future career: I need to get better grades and study a lot in order to get the perfect score to get into a good university

Physical and mental health: need to have a good diet and not be picky with food. need to exercise more to be fit and healthy. try not to stress over small things, think healthy and only positive thoughts